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Itunes - Free Activators

Download macOS Catalina for an all‑new entertainment experience. Your music, TV shows, movies, podcasts, and audiobooks will transfer automatically to the Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Books apps where you’ll still have access to your favorite iTunes features, including purchases, rentals, and imports.

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Each time you run the Activator it will minimize all inactive windows (the windows that are behind the one you currently work), letting you enjoy an absolutely clean environment, leaving only your recently active window over the wallpaper of your desktop. Activator is useful especially when you need to concentrate on your work. Activator consumes no memory at all: it is invoked by a keyboard shortcut you can choose at will, and after it minimizes all inactive windows, it closes itself.If you forgot (don't remember) password of your i Pad and enter incorrect passwords many times, you may end up with a disabled i Pad. Then, how do you connect i Pad to i Tunes if it's disabled? But when you have reached the limit of password guesses, it says "i Pad is disabled connect to i Tunes". No worries, this article lists the best ways to fix your disabled i Pad easily. Why Your i Pad is Disabled and Won't Connect to i Tunes? Unlock Disabled i Pad by Restoring from i Tunes (Synced Before)Part 3. Enter Recovery Mode to Wipe Disabled i Pad via i Tunes Part 4. Enable a Disabled i Pad with i Cloud- Find My i Pad Part 5. Connect to i Tunes" without i Tunes In most cases, i Pad is disabled after too many incorrect password entries. Possibly, it's because you forgot the password or someone else pranks to set a password for your i Pad. While in other cases, the disabled i Pad may be caused by malicious plugins and virus intrusions. Besides, if there is i OS update error, or the i OS version is too low, i Pad may also become disabled and displays the error message. Anyway, fixing your disabled i Pad is most urgent for you. If you've synced your device with i Tunes when you are not locked out (before you set, change, or forgot i Pad password), try to restore your disabled i Pad from backup. Finally, you can enter your i Pad after restoring it through a factory reset. Note: the current data will be erased, but you can restore the data from old i Tunes backup. Launch i Tunes on PC/Mac and connect your disabled i Pad to computer with which you've synced via a USB cable. When the icon of the device is displayed in the i Tunes sidebar, Click i Pad icon on the top left menu of i Tunes, and enter the "Summary". Click the "Restore i Pad" button to reset the disabled i Pad. Finally, when asked, choose to restore from i Tunes backup. If you previously backed up your i Pad on i Tunes or i Cloud, you can recover old data by restoring from backup. At the top of the next page, click on "All Devices". On all displayed devices, select the i Pad that has been disabled. If none of the methods above works, I strongly recommend you to bypass "i Pad is disabled connect to i Tunes" error with i OS Unlock. Then, select your i Pad and the latest backup of your device. Power off, Enter Recovery Mode and Connect to i Tunes With Face ID: Press down both the Top/Side and one Volume (Up or Down) button on i Pad don't release until the i Tunes logo appears. After i Tunes detects your i Pad in recovery mode, you will be asked to update or restore i Pad. (By the way, to proceed smoothly, please ensure that your i Pad is charged at least 60%. Compare to other methods, this method is easier and more efficient. Your disable i Pad will be restored after it's done. If necessary, recharge it.)One of "Find My i Phone/i Pad" features is to remotely erase all data from the i OS device while unlocking i Pad passcode without i Tunes. It can fix your disabled i Pad even if i Tunes failed to solve. After a few minutes of unlocking, you can solve the problem of "i Pad is disabled. Note: Unfortunately, this will also wipe all your personal data from the i Pad. If you never sync or cannot connect with i Tunes, there is another method available for you to fix your disabled i Pad. So, if you have enabled the "Find My i Phone/i Pad " feature before being locked out, you can fix "i Pad is disabled connect to i Tunes" error. Visit i Cloud/Find the web page and log in to your account. Fone Cope i OS Unlock is a professional tool that can easily fix disabled i Pad or other i OS devices (i Phone/disabled i Pod touch) caused by exceeded incorrect password attempts, error during i OS update, virus, and more. There is no way to bypass i Pad is disabled connect to i Tunes screen without restore. You'll need to enter recovery mode to wipe "i Pad is disabled connect to i Tunes" error. Besides, it is friendly to those who are not familiar with computer. Then, connect your i Pad to PC/Mac via a USB cable. After entering DFU mode, you will see the interface shown below. It takes just a few minutes to download the required firmware. (Tips: You may also encounter and need a solution to "i Pad disabled. the value is missing".i Pad is disabled asking connect to i Tunes? You can easily turn your disabled i Pad back to normal. Following is the tutorial on how to fix disabled i Pad Air/Mini/Pro/4/2 as well as i Phone disabled says connect to i Tunes. Download and install Fone Cope i OS Unlock on your PC/Mac. You will need to select the information that matches your disabled i Pad in the drop-down menu. After downloading, you should click "Start to Extract to confirm. After the verification is successful, click on "Start Unlock" to proceed with the unlocking step. This article above shows you why your i Pad is disabled and lists 4 ways to fix i Pad is disabled connect to i Tunes. By the way, there is no way to fix disabled i Pad without data loss, unless you've synced your i Pad to i Tunes. At last, hope this article will help you solve i Pad is disabled. If there are other valid ways that this article does not include, please leave us a message in the comments section below.There can be times that i Tunes not opening, responding or detecting i Phone on Windows computer. Many people have tried every manual fixing tip they can find but without success. has an i Tunes Repair Tool but it is not as effective as it’s said to be according to the user reviews. Besides, it is really limited as only supports Windows Vista. To help people use i Tunes more smoothly, we highly recommend Free Tenorshare Tunes Care, the professional i Tunes library repair tool to fix a series of i Tunes errors during installing, connecting, syncing and uninstalling by repairing the corrupted i Tunes library files. Tenorshare Tunes Care is a free utility to fix all i Tunes syncing problems by repairing corrupted i Tunes DB and i Tunes CDB files. Download the free repair tool for i Tunes on your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and follow the fixing steps below to get i Tunes back to normal quickly. If you are facing i Tunes errors when upgrading or restoring i Phone/i Pad, you can still choose this multi-functional i Tunes fixing software to repair i Tunes drivers to fix all these errors completely. Now you got to know how to fix damaged i Tunes library with the free i Tunes fix tool. Tenorshare Tunes Care really can be the all-in-one software for caring i Tunes, isn’t it? Any further questions about this software and the post are warmly welcomed!Activation Lock helps you keep your device protected, even if it’s in the wrong hands, and also improves your probabilities of recovering it. In a case where you have erased your device remotely, this lock can continue to prevent anyone from reactivating your machine without your permission. What you need to do is to keep Find My [device] features turned on while remembering your Apple ID and password. However, sometimes you buy a used device and end up needing help to bypass i Cloud activation lock in order to use your device. Well, there are many paid tools to do the job, but the real question is, “how to bypass i Cloud activation lock for free? ” Bypass of the i Cloud activation lock with the help of different free software can be easily done. Such programs may require your laptop/desktop and your phone. Below are some good options that you can use to remove your i Cloudactivation lock. Your first option is to request Apple to turn off Activation Lock for you. To do this procedure, visit a nearby Apple Store and take proof of purchase along with you to show that you are the rightful owner. If you cannot prove yourself as a proprietor, the company will not help you since this could indicate that the device might be a stolen one. To find out specific information about how Apple can help you, contact the company and explain your situation. If you have bought a used phone, then there might be a chance that your phone is attached to the previous owner’s account. You will see the passcode screen if the device is not removed. If they are close by or you can reach them, you can ask them to input their Apple ID personally and the password; this will help the device to be removed from their account. The steps include going to Settings The Apple ID is the account that an Apple user uses for everything they do with Apple, for example, when they shop in the i Tunes Store, sign in to i Cloud or buy an app, etc. To reset their password, a user needs to know the email address of their Apple ID. Follow the instructions given on the screen to complete the reset DNS stands for Domain Name Server, and the principal aim of this method is to convert your domains into different IP addresses. As you type a domain name in the browser, the DNS server will take you to the web’s concerning IP address. When you try activating your i Phone, your i Phone will connect with the DNS and then reach the Apple servers. In a way, you can get some third-party domain name servers that will be taking your i Phone to another server instead of somewhere else. The server will help in the activation of your i Cloud. In simpler words, rather than getting in contact with the Apple servers, your i Phone will connect to specified servers specially designed to bypass your device from the activation lock. The technique locates and uses a loophole in the device settings, especially the Wi Fi DNS settings, and makes your device think it is now unlocked. You need to follow these steps to get your i Phone unlocked. Note: There is no guarantee that the technique will work, and it is not compatible with all i Phone models, especially the latest versions. Also, you need at least 80% battery to run the procedure. A Doul Ci Activator is a free software designed to bypass the i Cloud activation lock. Creating a mirror server via i Tunes, the tool uses a weak point in Apple’s security with the help of i Tunes. The Doul Ci i Cloud bypass tool does not require technical knowledge, making it a safe and useful tool capable of bypassing the i Cloud activation lock with a high success rate. Soon as the bar reaches it’s full, you will see your device unlocked as new. Woo Techy i Salvor is a speedy and practical bypass tool for removing the activation lock from your i Phone. The tool leverages the i OS DFU mode technology to restore the locked i Cloud device to an operating condition. Supporting an appealing visual user-interface, its feature and options are neatly laid out to see and use to get the job done quickly and easily. Being safe while ensuring 100% results with lifetime access, Wootechy i Salvor i Cloud bypass tool is used by thousands of people worldwide to unlock their i OS devices. Step by step process of Woo Techy i Salvor Step 1 Simply download the program on your desktop, open and choose the mode “i Cloud Activation Lock Screen” on your screen. Through bypass the i Cloud activation lock screen mode on Woo Techy i Salvor, you can easily remove the activation lock. Step 3 You will have to jailbreak your i Device before using the tool for bypass. Download the package and click the “Start Jailbreak” option. Proceed to choose the instructions and click “Next” to continue. Step 4 Next, you will go through the information of your i Phone or i Pad appearing on your screen. See your device model, IMEI, i OS version, UDID, and serial number before initiating the bypass process. Now, the bypassing process of the Apple activation lock screen will start in a couple of seconds and will take only a few seconds to complete. As soon as the process of the Woo Techy i Salvor finishes, it would display the results on the desktop screen, meaning that the lock screen is bypassed successfully. Now, choose the “Done” option to complete the process. As the process is completed, you can access all the features, including i Tunes ID, Apple ID, Apple Store, among others. The steps are simple compared to the other bypass software programs, which require a lot of technique and complicated steps. Woo Techy team provides you high compatibility at low prices. The tool works for the i OS 13 version and above and lets you bypass the activation lock without any passwords. Activation Locks are basically a security add-on, and removal of these locks is usually challenging to be done. However, if you have bought a used phone and it is still connected to the previous owner’s ID, you don’t have to worry as we have presented you with plenty of excellent options to bypass i Cloud activation lock for free.Have you ever wondered about whether it’s possible to bypass i Cloud activation locks using free online tools for your i OS device? There are numerous i Cloud activation lock removal free online tools for 2021, and these can often seem like a tempting option for regaining access to your i Cloud device. However, all too often, these can’t offer the top-quality solutions we have been looking for. Luckily, today, our team is on hand to help you find out more about this topic. We’ll be considering what free online i Cloud activation lock removal tools are and how they work. And, critically, we’ll also answer the question of: are i Cloud activation lock removal free online 2021 tools safe to use? Commonly, i Cloud activation lock removal free online tools will give a low-quality result, even if they are legitimate. This could leave you without data or could even risk losing your data permanently if you haven’t backed it up initially. These are just a few of the drawbacks of choosing free i Cloud unlocking tools. As such, while you are welcome to try a free i Cloud removal tool if you wish, we would recommend that you instead choose a reliable and professional tool such as Starz Soft Key Pass, specifically designed to help you remove i Cloud locks. Don’t leave things to chance for your i Cloud or i OS device; make the right choice instead and find a solution that works well for your needs. If you’ve been looking for an i OS tool to remove i Cloud activation locks from your device, then one of the first software solutions you should consider is the Starz Soft Key Pass professional i Cloud removal tool. Starz Soft Key Pass is one of the most regularly updated and high-tech i Cloud removal tools on the market, and best of all, the free trial allows users to check whether the tool is effective for their device’s unlocking needs. When it comes to top-quality solutions, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a tool better than Starz Soft Key Pass. It boasts of a 98% plus success rate, with a money-back guarantee just in case the tool doesn’t work, making it completely safe for users! As such, while the Starz Soft Key Pass tool isn’t an entirely free solution, it’s a great alternative to the low-quality and often ineffective i Cloud activation lock removal free online tools for 2021. With references from numerous big-name websites and brands, including i Phone Hacks, i More, and the Tech Times, and countless five-star reviews for the software’s efficacy, you can be confident that the tool will offer a great standard of support for your device. In comparison, many i Cloud activation lock removal free online 2021 tools are dangerous and can put your personal safety in a jeopardized position. Don’t take this chance; make the right choice for your i Cloud activation unlocking needs instead! Using the Starz Soft Key Pass tool is an incredibly quick and simple method for removing i Cloud activation locks from your device. We’ve explained the steps involved as follows; fortunately, this is exceptionally easy to do! Step1: Download the tool from the developer’s website onto your device. There are two choices here: unlock screen passcode or remove activation lock; you’ll naturally want to select the latter. Step2: Once you have selected the “Remove Activation Lock” unlocking mode, you should then connect your i OS device to your computer by a USB cable. First of all, any i OS device activation lock jailbreaking method will wipe your i Pad’s data. Allow the tool to recognize the device before continuing. The Starz Soft Key Pass tool automatically removes the activation lock from your i OS device, so all you have to do is sit back and wait until the process is complete. Hence, you must always take a backup of your data first (if you haven’t done so already) so as not to lose any information, photos, etc. Starz Soft Key Pass is one of the most effective i Cloud activation lock removal tools, however, it’s not the only solution. A few other tools are available which could potentially help you regain access to your i OS device, including the Doul Ci i Cloud Unlocking Tool, the i Cloud Activation Bypass Tool 1.4, the Open my i Cloud Easy Unlock Tool, and Doctor, and the like. The Doul Ci i Cloud unlocking tool is one of the best-known names in the i Cloud unlocking field, and it was one of the earliest tools released for the public. Unfortunately, only third-party websites are able to supply the tool now, as the developers no longer work on it, and this can potentially put users at risk of downloading an infected copy of the tool. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the Doul Ci i Cloud unlocking tool is no longer updated, so it is only effective for earlier i OS versions. Full Review Of Doul Ci Activator For i Cloud Bypass The i Cloud Activation bypass tool V1.4 is a safe choice of i Phone unlocking tool, however, there are a few notable benefits that make Starz Soft a more reliable option. Namely, it only offers a success rate of approximately 65%, and its low download speeds and difficulty to use mean that, while it could be an option to consider, other tools may be more reliable and effective. Further Reading: i Cloud Activation Bypass Tool V1.4 Download & Review The Open my i Cloud tool is quick and reliable and is hence a popular choice of i Cloud unlocking tool for some devices. Unfortunately, the tool is somewhat out of date and so it’s only effective for slightly older models and devices; moreover, it cannot run on Mac computers. As a final drawback, similarly to the Doul Ci tool, the app is only available from third-party sites and this could put you at risk of downloading viruses and malware onto your device. Nevertheless, the rapid times and good reputation mean that the Open my i Cloud tool is worth considering if you’ve been looking for a tool to unlock your i Cloud locked device. A notable benefit of the Doctor Unlocker solution is that it doesn’t use any software, and so you won’t need to download anything onto your device itself. Instead, Doctor Unlocker works remotely to regain access to your i Phone or i OS device. The notable benefits of this option are the efficient services and the fact you don’t need to download software. However, it’s still slower than other solutions on this list, and it does increase the chance of your personal data being leaked. If you find yourself get locked out of your i OS device due to an activation lock, it’s imperative that you invest in the right i Cloud unlocking tools to protect your personal safety and the security of your devices. Fortunately, professional i Cloud activation lock removal free online tools can offer an excellent balance between value for money and reliability, so always ensure you have chosen a reliable tool such as Starz Soft Key Pass for the best results.To better protect your Apple device from all possible vulnerabilities and errors, Apple uses IPSW firmware restore files.Learn how to use them, both default and custom ones, where to download, and how to open IPSWs using i Tunes.Apple regularly presents the most recent IPSW files through i Tunes.Still, it is best to know where to search for the direct links to download outdated and current files for i OS, watch OS, i Pad OS, tv OS, and audio OS gadgets.

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