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Free format factory Download - format factory

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Free format factory Download - format factory
"We'd like to pretend that ' Fredrik' is a role, but even hundreds of volunteers couldn't possibly keep up. P_WAIT) for path in string.split(os.environ["PATH"], os.pathsep): file = join(path, program) ".exe" try: return os.spawnv(mode, file, (file,) args) except os.error: pass raise os.error, "cannot find executable" run("python", "", mode=os. No, ' Fredrik' is the result of crossing an http server with a spam filter with an emacs whatsit and some other stuff besides." 新闻组里回答问题. P_NOWAIT) print "goodbye" goodbye hello again, and welcome to the show File: os-spawn-example-3import os import string if in ("nt", "dos"): exefile = ".exe" else: exefile = "" def spawn(program, *args): try: # possible 2.0 shortcut! File: os-example-1import os import time file = "samples/sample.jpg" def dump(st): mode, ino, dev, nlink, uid, gid, size, atime, mtime, ctime = st print "- size:", size, "bytes" print "- owner:", uid, gid print "- created:", time.ctime(ctime) print "- last accessed:", time.ctime(atime) print "- last modified:", time.ctime(mtime) print "- mode:", oct(mode) print "- inode/dev:", ino, dev # # get stats for a filename st = os.stat(file) print "stat", file dump(st) print # # get stats for an open file fp = open(file) st = os.fstat(fp.fileno()) print "fstat", file dump(st) stat samples/- size: 4762 bytes - owner: 0 0 - created: Tue Sep 07 1999 - last accessed: Sun Sep 19 1999 - last modified: Sun May 19 1996 - mode: 0100666 - inode/dev: 0 2 fstat samples/- size: 4762 bytes - owner: 0 0 - created: Tue Sep 07 1999 - last accessed: Sun Sep 19 1999 - last modified: Sun May 19 1996 - mode: 0100666 - inode/dev: 0 0 File: os-example-2import os import stat, time infile = "samples/sample.jpg" outfile = "out.jpg" # copy contents fi = open(infile, "rb") fo = open(outfile, "wb") while 1: s = if not s: break fo.write(s) fi.close() fo.close() # copy mode and timestamp st = os.stat(infile) os.chmod(outfile, stat. P_WAIT, file, (file,) args) except os.error: pass raise os.error, "cannot find executable" run("python", "") print "goodbye" hello again, and welcome to the show goodbye File: os-spawn-example-2import os import string def run(program, *args, **kw): # find executable mode = kw.get("mode", os. 它返回一个类元组对象(stat_result对象, 包含 10 个元素), 依次是st_mode (权限模式), st_ino (inode number), st_dev (device), st_nlink (number of hard links), st_uid (所有者用户 ID), st_gid (所有者所在组 ID ), st_size (文件大小, 字节), st_atime (最近一次访问时间), st_mtime (最近修改时间), st_ctime (平台相关; Unix下的最近一次元数据/metadata修改时间, 或者 Windows 下的创建时间) - 以上项目也可作为属性访问. File: os-exec-example-2import os import sys def run(program, *args): pid = os.fork() if not pid: os.execvp(program, (program,) args) return os.wait()[0] run("python", "") print "goodbye" hello again, and welcome to the show goodbye File: os-spawn-example-1import os import string def run(program, *args): # find executable for path in string.split(os.environ["PATH"], os.pathsep): file = join(path, program) ".exe" try: return os.spawnv(os. OSError: [Errno 41] Directory not empty: 'samples' 函数可以用来获取一个存在文件的信息, 如 Example 1-32 所示. ST_MTIME])) print "original", "=File: os-example-8import os if == "nt": command = "dir" else: command = "ls -l" os.system(command) -rwxrw-r-- 1 effbot effbot 76 Oct 9 README -rwxrw-r-- 1 effbot effbot 1727 Oct 7 Simple Async -rwxrw-r-- 1 effbot effbot 314 Oct 7 aifc-example-1-rwxrw-r-- 1 effbot effbot 259 Oct 7 anydbm-example-1... 我有意缩短注释的长度, 如果你想更深入地 了解背景, 那么你可以参阅每个 Python 发布中的参考手册. cwd = os.getcwd() print "1", cwd # go down os.chdir("samples") print "2", os.getcwd() # go back up os.chdir(os.pardir) print "3", os.getcwd() 1 /ematter/librarybook 2 /ematter/librarybook/samples 3 /ematter/librarybook File: os-example-6import os os.makedirs("test/multiple/levels") fp = open("test/multiple/levels/file", "w") fp.write("inspector praline") fp.close() # remove the file os.remove("test/multiple/levels/file") # and all empty directories above it os.removedirs("test/multiple/levels") File: os-example-7import os os.mkdir("test") os.rmdir("test") os.rmdir("samples") # this will fail Traceback (innermost last): File "os-example-7", line 6, in ? '") c.dedent() exec c.end() code generation made easy! file = "samples/sample.txt" replace(file, "hello", "tjena") replace(file, "tjena", "hello") File: os-example-4import os # where are we? c = Code Generator Backend() c.begin() c.write("for i in range(5):") c.indent() c.write("print 'code generation made easy! os.rename(file, back) # ..temporary to original os.rename(temp, file) # # try it out! File "File: builtin-compile-example-1NAME = "" BODY = """ prnt 'owl-stretching time' """ try: compile(BODY, NAME, "exec") except Syntax Error, v: print "syntax error:", v, "in", NAME # syntax error: invalid syntax in File: builtin-compile-example-3import sys, string class Code Generator Backend: "Simple code generator for Python" def begin(self, tab="/t"): = [] = tab self.level = 0 def end(self): append("") # make sure there's a newline at the end return compile(string.join(self.code, "/n"), "", "exec") def write(self, string): append(* self.level string) def indent(self): self.level = self.level 1 # in 2.0 and later, this can be written as: self.level = 1 def dedent(self): if self.level == 0: raise Syntax Error, "internal error in code generator" self.level = self.level - 1 # or: self.level -= 1 # # try it out! File "", line 5, in open IOError: not a GIF file File: exceptions-example-1# python imports this module by itself, so the following # line isn't really needed # python 会自动导入该模块, 所以以下这行是不必要的 # import exceptions class HTTPError(Exception): # indicates an HTTP protocol error def _ _init_ _(self, url, errcode, errmsg): = url self.errcode = errcode self.errmsg = errmsg def _ _str_ _(self): return ( "File: os-example-3import os import string def replace(file, search_for, replace_with): # replace strings in a text file back = splitext(file)[0] ".bak" temp = splitext(file)[0] ".tmp" try: # remove old temp file, if any os.remove(temp) except os.error: pass fi = open(file) fo = open(temp, "w") for s in fi.readlines(): fo.write(string.replace(s, search_for, replace_with)) fi.close() fo.close() try: # remove old backup file, if any os.remove(back) except os.error: pass # rename original to backup... 本书涵盖了整个标准库, 除了(可选的)Tkinter ui(user-interface : 用户界面) 库. 感谢 Lenny Muellner, 他帮助我把SGML文件转变为你们现在所看到的这本书, 以及Christien Shangraw, 他将那些代码文件集合起来做成了随书CD (可以在 找到, 竟然没有404, 奇迹). File "File: builtin-eval-example-3print eval("_ _import_ _('os').getcwd()", ) print eval("_ _import_ _('os').remove('file')", ) /home/fredrik/librarybook Traceback (innermost last): File "", line 2, in ? File: builtin-execfile-example-1execfile("") def EXECFILE(filename, locals=None, globals=None): exec compile(open(filename).read(), filename, "exec") in locals, globals EXECFILE("") hello again, and welcome to the show hello again, and welcome to the show File: builtin-open-example-1def open(filename, mode="rb"): import _ _builtin_ _ file = _ _builtin_, mode) if not in("GIF87", "GIF89"): raise IOError, "not a GIF file" return file fp = open("samples/sample.gif") print len(, "bytes" fp = open("samples/sample.jpg") print len(, "bytes" 3565 bytes Traceback (innermost last): File "", line 12, in ? 感谢帮忙校对的人们: Tim Peters, Guido van Rossum, David Ascher, Mark Lutz, 和 Rael Dornfest, 以及 Python Ware 成员: Matthew Ellis, Håkan Karlsson, 和 Rune Uhlin. 除了一些平台相关模块的脚本, 所有例子都可以在 Windows, Solaris, 以及 Linux 下正常执行. 但是, 因为创建一个类很简单(比如实现基本序列方法的类), 所以对这些 类型使用显式的类型判断并不是好主意. 这意味着你不能使用 ", if isinstance(object, A): print "A", if isinstance(object, B): print "B", if isinstance(object, C): print "C", if isinstance(object, D): print "D", print a = A() b = B() c = C() d = D() dump(a) dump(b) dump(c) dump(d) dump(0) dump("string") =", if issubclass(object, A): print "A", if issubclass(object, B): print "B", if issubclass(object, C): print "C", if issubclass(object, D): print "D", print dump(A) dump(B) dump(C) dump(D) dump(0) dump("string") A =File: builtin-eval-example-2print eval("_ _import_ _('os').getcwd()") print eval("_ _import_ _('os').remove('file')") /home/fredrik/librarybook Traceback (innermost last): File "builtin-eval-example-2", line 2, in ? (不用看了,又一404) 产品细节 本书使用Doc Book SGML编写, 我使用了一系列的工具, 包括Secret Labs' Python Works, Excosoft Documentor, James Clark's Jade DSSSL processor, Norm Walsh's Doc Book stylesheets, 当然,还有一些 Python 脚本. File: builtin-dir-example-2class A: def a(self): pass def b(self): pass class B(A): def c(self): pass def d(self): pass def getmembers(klass, members=None): # get a list of all class members, ordered by class if members is None: members = [] for k in klass._ _bases_ _: getmembers(k, members) for m in dir(klass): if m not in members: members.append(m) return members print getmembers(A) print getmembers(B) print getmembers(IOError) ['_ _doc_ _', '_ _module_ _', 'a', 'b'] ['_ _doc_ _', '_ _module_ _', 'a', 'b', 'c', 'd'] ['_ _doc_ _', '_ _getitem_ _', '_ _init_ _', '_ _module_ _', '_ _str_ _'] File: builtin-type-example-2def load(file): if isinstance(file, type("")): file = open(file, "rb") return print len(load("samples/sample.jpg")), "bytes" print len(load(open("samples/sample.jpg", "rb"))), "bytes" 4672 bytes 4672 bytes File: builtin-callable-example-1def dump(function): if callable(function): print function, "is callable" else: print function, "is *not* callable" class A: def method(self, value): return value class B(A): def _ _call_ _(self, value): return value a = A() b = B() dump(0) # simple objects dump("string") dump(callable) dump(dump) # function dump(A) # classes dump(B) dump(B.method) dump(a) # instances dump(b) dump(b.method) 0 is *not* callable string is *not* callable 模块中找到检查对象是否为某一内建类型(数字, 序列, 或者字典等) 的函数. Python 不会把类作为本质上的类型对待; 相反地, 所有的类都属于一个特殊的类类型(special class type), 所有的类实例属于一个特殊的实例类型(special instance type). 大多例子的文件名都包含它所使用的模块名称,后边是 "File: builtin-apply-example-3class Rectangle: def _ _init_ _(self, color="white", width=10, height=10): print "create a", color, self, "sized", width, "x", height class Rounded Rectangle(Rectangle): def _ _init_ _(self, **kw): apply(Rectangle._ _init_ _, (self,), kw) rect = Rectangle(color="green", height=100, width=100) rect = Rounded Rectangle(color="blue", height=20) create a green File: builtin-import-example-1import glob, os modules = [] for module_file in glob.glob("*"): try: module_name, ext = splitext(basename(module_file)) module = _ _import_ _(module_name) modules.append(module) except Import Error: pass # ignore broken modules # say hello to all modules for module in modules: module.hello() example-plugin says hello File: builtin-import-example-2def getfunctionbyname(module_name, function_name): module = _ _import_ _(module_name) return getattr(module, function_name) print repr(getfunctionbyname("dumbdbm", "open")) File: builtin-import-example-3class Lazy Import: def _ _init_ _(self, module_name): self.module_name = module_name self.module = None def _ _getattr_ _(self, name): if self.module is None: self.module = _ _import_ _(self.module_name) return getattr(self.module, name) string = Lazy Import("string") print string.lowercase abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ['_ _doc_ _', '_ _name_ _', '_ _stderr_ _', '_ _stdin_ _', '_ _stdout_ _', 'argv', 'builtin_module_names', 'copyright', 'dllhandle', 'exc_info', 'exc_type', 'exec_prefix', 'executable', ... return os.spawnvp(program, (program,) args) except Attribute Error: pass try: spawnv = os.spawnv except Attribute Error: # assume it's unix pid = os.fork() if not pid: os.execvp(program, (program,) args) return os.wait()[0] else: # got spawnv but no spawnp: go look for an executable for path in string.split(os.environ["PATH"], os.pathsep): file = join(path, program) exefile try: return spawnv(os. P_WAIT, file, (file,) args) except os.error: pass raise IOError, "cannot find executable" # # try it out! spawn("python", "") print "goodbye" hello again, and welcome to the show goodbye File: os-example-9import os import sys try: sys.exit(1) except System Exit, value: print "caught exit(%s)" % value try: os._exit(2) except System Exit, value: print "caught exit(%s)" % value print "bye! " caught exit(1) File: os-path-example-2import os FILES = ( os.curdir, "/", "file", "/file", "samples", "samples/sample.jpg", "directory/file", "../directory/file", "/directory/file" ) for file in FILES: print file, "=", if exists(file): print "EXISTS", if isabs(file): print "ISABS", if isdir(file): print "ISDIR", if isfile(file): print "ISFILE", if islink(file): print "ISLINK", if ismount(file): print "ISMOUNT", print . =File: os-path-walk-example-1import os def callback(arg, directory, files): for file in files: print join(directory, file), repr(arg) walk(".", callback, "secret message") ./aifc-example-1'secret message' ./anydbm-example-1'secret message' ./array-example-1'secret message' ... ./samples 'secret message' ./samples/'secret message' ./samples/'secret message' ./samples/'secret message' ./samples/articles 'secret message' ./samples/articles/article-1'secret message' ./samples/articles/article-2'secret message' ... File: os-path-walk-example-2import os def index(directory): # like os.listdir, but traverses directory trees stack = [directory] files = [] while stack: directory = stack.pop() for file in os.listdir(directory): fullname = join(directory, file) files.append(fullname) if isdir(fullname) and not islink(fullname): stack.append(fullname) return files for file in index("."): print file ./aifc-example-1./anydbm-example-1./array-example-1... File: os-path-walk-example-3import os class Directory Walker: # a forward iterator that traverses a directory tree def _ _init_ _(self, directory): self.stack = [directory] self.files = [] self.index = 0 def _ _getitem_ _(self, index): while 1: try: file = self.files[self.index] self.index = self.index 1 except Index Error: # pop next directory from stack = self.stack.pop() self.files = os.listdir( self.index = 0 else: # got a filename fullname = join(, file) if isdir(fullname) and not islink(fullname): self.stack.append(fullname) return fullname for file in Directory Walker("."): print file ./aifc-example-1./anydbm-example-1./array-example-1... S_ISLNK(mode): self.stack.append(fullname) return fullname, st for file, st in Directory Stat Walker("."): print file, st[stat. File: os-path-walk-example-4import os, stat class Directory Stat Walker: # a forward iterator that traverses a directory tree, and # returns the filename and additional file information def _ _init_ _(self, directory): self.stack = [directory] self.files = [] self.index = 0 def _ _getitem_ _(self, index): while 1: try: file = self.files[self.index] self.index = self.index 1 except Index Error: # pop next directory from stack = self.stack.pop() self.files = os.listdir( self.index = 0 else: # got a filename fullname = join(, file) st = os.stat(fullname) mode = st[stat. ST_SIZE] ./aifc-example-1336 ./anydbm-example-1244 ./array-example-1526 File: string-example-3import string print int("4711"), print string.atoi("4711"), print string.atoi("11147", 8), # octal 八进制 print string.atoi("1267", 16), # hexadecimal 十六进制 print string.atoi("3mv", 36) # whatever... print string.atoi("4711", 0), print string.atoi("04711", 0), print string.atoi("0x4711", 0) print float("4711"), print string.atof("1"), print string.atof("1.23e5") 4711 4711 4711 4711 4711 4711 2505 18193 4711.0 1.0 123000.0 File: re-example-3import re text = "Example 3: There is 1 date 10/25/95 in here! " m ="(/d)/(/d)/(/d)", text) print,, month, day, year =, 2, 3) print month, day, year date = print date 10 25 95 10 25 95 10/25/95 File: re-example-4import re text = "you're no fun anymore..." # literal replace (string.replace is faster) # 文字替换 (string.replace 速度更快) print re.sub("fun", "entertaining", text) # collapse all non-letter sequences to a single dash # 将所有非字母序列转换为一个"-"(dansh,破折号) print re.sub("[^/w] ", "-", text) # convert all words to beeps # 将所有单词替换为 BEEP print re.sub("/S ", "-BEEP-", text) you're no entertaining anymore... you-re-no-fun-anymore- -BEEP- -BEEP- -BEEP- -BEEP- File: re-example-5import re import string text = "a line of text//012another line of text//012etc..." def octal(match): # replace octal code with corresponding ASCII character # 使用对应 ASCII 字符替换八进制代码 return chr(string.atoi(, 8)) octal_pattern = re.compile(r"//(/d/d/d)") print text print octal_pattern.sub(octal, text) a line of text/012another line of text/012etc... File: re-example-6import re, string def combined_pattern(patterns): p = re.compile( string.join(map(lambda x: "(" x ")", patterns), "|") ) def fixup(v, m=p.match, r=range(0,len(patterns))): try: regs = m(v)except Attribute Error: return None # no match, so will fail else: for i in r: if regs[i 1] ! patterns = [ r"/d ", r"abc/d", r"p/w " ] p = combined_pattern(patterns) print p("129391") print p("abc800") print p("abc1600") print p("python") print p("perl") print p("tcl") 0 1 1 2 2 None ", if Callable(data): print "CALLABLE", if Mapping Type(data): print "MAPPING", if Number Type(data): print "NUMBER", if Sequence Type(data): print "SEQUENCE", print dump(0) dump("string") dump("string"[0]) dump([1, 2, 3]) dump((1, 2, 3)) dump() dump(len) # function 函数 dump(User List) # module 模块 dump(User List. User List()) # instance 实例 File: sys-path-example-1import sys print "path has", len(sys.path), "members" # add the sample directory to the path insert(0, "samples") import sample # nuke the path = [] import random # oops! Traceback (innermost last): File "", line 11, in ? Import Error: No module named random File: sys-modules-example-1import sys print sys.modules.keys() ['os.path', 'os', 'exceptions', '_ _main_ _', 'ntpath', 'strop', 'nt', 'sys', '_ _builtin_ _', 'site', 'signal', ' User Dict', 'string', 'stat'] File: sys-platform-example-1import sys # # emulate "import os.path" (sort of)... if sys.platform == "win32": import ntpath pathmodule = ntpath elif sys.platform == "mac": import macpath pathmodule = macpath else: # assume it's a posix platform import posixpath pathmodule = posixpath print pathmodule ", arg # profiler is activated on the next call, return, or exception # 分析函数将在下次函数调用, 返回, 或异常时激活 sys.setprofile(profiler) # profile this function call # 分析这次函数调用 test(1) # disable profiler # 禁用分析函数 sys.setprofile(None) # don't profile this call # 不会分析这次函数调用 test(2) call test 3 -", arg return tracer # tracer is activated on the next call, return, or exception # 跟踪器将在下次函数调用, 返回, 或异常时激活 sys.settrace(tracer) # trace this function call # 跟踪这次函数调用 test(1) # disable tracing # 禁用跟踪器 sys.settrace(None) # don't trace this call # 不会跟踪这次函数调用 test(2) call test 3 -File: sys-stdout-example-1import sys import string class Redirect: def _ _init_ _(self, stdout): self.stdout = stdout def write(self, s): self.stdout.write(string.lower(s)) # redirect standard output (including the print statement) # 重定向标准输出(包括print语句) old_stdout = sys.stdout sys.stdout = Redirect(sys.stdout) print "HEJA SVERIGE", print "FRISKT HUM/303/226R" # restore standard output # 恢复标准输出 sys.stdout = old_stdout print "M/303/205/303/205/303/205/303/205L! " heja sverige friskt hum/303/266r M/303/205/303/205/303/205/303/205L! File: atexit-example-1import atexit def exit(*args): print "exit", args # register two exit handler atexit.register(exit) atexit.register(exit, 1) atexit.register(exit, "hello", "world") exit ('hello', 'world') exit (1,) exit () File: time-example-1import time now = time.time() print now, "seconds since", time.gmtime(0)[:6] print print "or in other words:" print "- local time:", time.localtime(now) print "- utc:", time.gmtime(now) 937758359.77 seconds since (1970, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0) or in other words: - local time: (1999, 9, 19, 18, 25, 59, 6, 262, 1) - utc: (1999, 9, 19, 16, 25, 59, 6, 262, 0) File: time-example-2import time now = time.localtime(time.time()) print time.asctime(now) print time.strftime("%y/%m/%d %H:%M", now) print time.strftime("%a %b %d", now) print time.strftime("%c", now) print time.strftime("%I %p", now) print time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S %Z", now) # do it by hand... year, month, day, hour, minute, second, weekday, yearday, daylight = now print "d-d-d" % (year, month, day) print "d:d:d" % (hour, minute, second) print ("MON", "TUE", "WED", "THU", "FRI", "SAT", "SUN")[weekday], yearday Sun Oct 10 1999 99/10/10 Sun Oct 10 Sun Oct 10 1999 09 PM 1999-10-10 CEST 1999-10-10 SUN 283 File: time-example-6import time # make sure we have a strptime function! # 确认有函数 strptime try: strptime = time.strptime except Attribute Error: from strptime import strptime print strptime("31 Nov 00", "%d %b %y") print strptime("1 Jan 70 pm", "%d %b %y %I:%M%p") File: import re import string MONTHS = ["Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun", "Jul", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov", "Dec"] SPEC = class Time Parser: def _ _init_ _(self, format): # convert strptime format string to regular expression format = string.join(re.split("(? :/s|%t|%n) ", format)) pattern = [] try: for spec in re.findall("%/w|%%|.", format): if spec[0] == "%": spec = SPEC[spec] pattern.append(spec) except Key Error: raise Value Error, "unknown specificer: %s" % spec self.pattern = re.compile("(? i)" string.join(pattern, "")) def match(self, daytime): # match time string match = self.pattern.match(daytime) if not match: raise Value Error, "format mismatch" get = match.groupdict()tm = [0] * 9 # extract date elements y = get("year") if y: y = int(y) if y File: time-example-4import time def _d(y, m, d, days=(0,31,59,90,120,151,181,212,243,273,304,334,365)): # map a date to the number of days from a reference point return (((y - 1901)*1461)/4 days[m-1] d ((m File: time-example-5import time def procedure(): time.sleep(2.5) # measure process time t0 = time.clock() procedure() print time.clock() - t0, "seconds process time" # measure wall time t0 = time.time() procedure() print time.time() - t0, "seconds wall time" 0.0 seconds process time 2.50903499126 seconds wall time File: types-example-1import types def check(object): print object, if type(object) is types. Int Type: print "INTEGER", if type(object) is types. Float Type: print "FLOAT", if type(object) is types. String Type: print "STRING", if type(object) is types. Class Type: print "CLASS", if type(object) is types. Instance Type: print "INSTANCE", print check(0) check(0.0) check("0") class A: pass class B: pass check(A) check(B) a = A() b = B() check(a) check(b) 0 INTEGER 0.0 FLOAT 0 STRING A CLASS B CLASS INSTANCE INSTANCE File: gc-example-1import gc # create a simple object that links to itself class Node: def _ _init_ _(self, name): = name self.parent = None self.children = [] def addchild(self, node): node.parent = self self.children.append(node) def _ _repr_ _(self): return "" % (repr(, id(self)) # set up a self-referencing structure root = Node("monty") root.addchild(Node("eric")) root.addchild(Node("john")) root.addchild(Node("michael")) # remove our only reference del root print gc.collect(), "unreachable objects" print gc.collect(), "unreachable objects" 12 unreachable objects 0 unreachable objects "Now, imagine that your friend kept complaining that she didn't want to visit you since she found it too hard to climb up the drain pipe, and you kept telling her to use the friggin' stairs like everyone else..." File: fileinput-example-2import fileinput import glob import string, sys for line in fileinput.input(glob.glob("samples/*.txt")): if fileinput.isfirstline(): # first in a file? sys.stderr.write("-- reading %s --/n" % fileinput.filename()) sys.stdout.write(str(fileinput.lineno()) " " string.upper(line)) -- reading samples/-- 1 WE WILL PERHAPS EVENTUALLY BE WRITING ONLY SMALL 2 MODULES WHICH ARE IDENTIFIED BY NAME AS THEY ARE 3 USED TO BUILD LARGER ONES, SO THAT DEVICES LIKE 4 INDENTATION, RATHER THAN DELIMITERS, MIGHT BECOME 5 FEASIBLE FOR EXPRESSING LOCAL STRUCTURE IN THE 6 SOURCE LANGUAGE. KNUTH, DECEMBER 1974 File: fileinput-example-3import fileinput, sys for line in fileinput.input(inplace=1): # convert Windows/DOS text files to Unix files if line[-2:] == "/r/n": line = line[:-2] "/n" sys.stdout.write(line) File: shutil-example-1import shutil import os for file in os.listdir("."): if splitext(file)[1] == ".py": print file shutil.copy(file, join("backup", file)) aifc-example-1anydbm-example-1array-example-1... File: shutil-example-2import shutil import os SOURCE = "samples" BACKUP = "samples-bak" # create a backup directory shutil.copytree(SOURCE, BACKUP) print os.listdir(BACKUP) # remove it shutil.rmtree(BACKUP) print os.listdir(BACKUP) ['sample.wav', 'sample.jpg', '', 'sample.msg', 'sample.tgz', ... File: stringio-example-3import String IO import string, sys stdout = sys.stdout sys.stdout = file = String IO. Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 17, in ? String IO() print """ According to Gbaya folktales, trickery and guile are the best ways to defeat the python, king of snakes, which was hatched from a dragon at the world's start. print os.listdir(BACKUP) os.error: No such file or directory ", tempfile file = open(tempfile, "w b") file.write("*" * 1000) print len(, "bytes" file.close() try: # must remove file when done os.remove(tempfile) except OSError: pass tempfile =File: stringio-example-1import String IO MESSAGE = "That man is depriving a village somewhere of a computer scientist." file = String IO. -- National Geographic, May 1997 """ sys.stdout = stdout print string.upper(file.getvalue()) ACCORDING TO GBAYA FOLKTALES, TRICKERY AND GUILE ARE THE BEST WAYS TO DEFEAT THE PYTHON, KING OF SNAKES, WHICH WAS HATCHED FROM A DRAGON AT THE WORLD' S START. String IO(MESSAGE) print That man is depriving a village somewhere of a computer scientist. 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File: mmap-example-1import mmap import os filename = "samples/sample.txt" file = open(filename, "r ") size = getsize(filename) data = mmap.mmap(file.fileno(), size) # basics print data print len(data), size # use slicing to read from the file # 使用切片操作读取文件 print repr(data[:10]), repr(data[:10]) # or use the standard file interface # 或使用标准的文件接口 print repr(, repr( File: mmap-example-2import mmap import os, string, re def mapfile(filename): file = open(filename, "r ") size = getsize(filename) return mmap.mmap(file.fileno(), size) data = mapfile("samples/sample.txt") # search index = data.find("small") print index, repr(data[index-5:index 15]) # regular expressions work too! m ="small", data) print m.start(), 43 'only small/015/012modules ' 43 small File: userdict-example-1import User Dict class Fancy Dict(User Dict. User Dict): def _ _init_ _(self, data = , **kw): User Dict. importing the traceback module messes up the # exception state, so you better do that here and not # in the exception handler # 注意! User Dict._ _init_ _(self) self.update(data) self.update(kw) def _ _add_ _(self, other): dict = Fancy Dict( dict.update(b) return dict a = Fancy Dict(a = 1) b = Fancy Dict(b = 2) print a b File: userlist-example-1import User List class Auto List(User List. It's a Standard British Bird, the , it's in all the books!!! 导入 traceback 会清理掉异常状态, 所以 # 最好别在异常处理代码中导入该模块 import traceback try: raise Syntax Error, "example" except: traceback.print_exc() Traceback (innermost last): File "", line 7, in ? User List): def _ _setitem_ _(self, i, item): if i == len( append(item) else:[i] = item list = Auto List() for i in range(10): list[i] = i print list [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9] File: userstring-example-1import User String class My String(User String. Syntax Error: example File: traceback-example-2import traceback import String IO try: raise IOError, "an i/o error occurred" except: fp = String IO. Mutable String): def append(self, s): = s def insert(self, index, s): =[index:] s[index:] def remove(self, s): = replace(s, "") file = open("samples/book.txt") text = file.close() book = My String(text) for bird in ["gannet", "robin", "nuthatch"]: book.remove(bird) print book ... 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