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ARES Touch DWG CAD Viewer & Editor - Apps on Google Play

ARES Touch is a full CAD solution for professionals. It is the ideal companion to read, create, annotate or modify DWG drawings on your smartphone or tablet. Non-subscribers get access to viewing, sharing and dimensioning tools for FREE while subscribers get hundreds of additional tools to create or modify drawings.

Ares touch  - Free Activators
»Training employees to use the ARES CAD Software was an easy task. Employees who had previously worked with Auto CAD took about a quarter of an hour to learn ARES CAD software, and the ones who had no previous experience of CAD Software took approximately an hour to learn ARES CAD Software.« Read Success Story »In the office, any edit made on a drawing stored on the cloud storage palette is automatically updated. The same file can then be opened at the construction site to view and edit. The cloud technology offered with the ARES Trinity of CAD speeds up work processes and increases overall performance at LCI.« Read Success Story »If you have to decide what to use for CAD solution, if the key decision-makers are Price, Usability and Support, this is the optimum solution. I use Mac, technical team uses Windows, and management uses Linux, the mess for reaching the CAD is off the table, now.« You are interested in ARES Commander for your business? 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