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volume boost mac

Sound Control adds per-app volume and EQ controls to your Mac apps. Route your apps to different audio devices. Add volume controls to your devices. Boost Mac audio with eqmac Click and drag them to adjust the volume, balance, bass, mid and treble. 7 Choose a sound. Click the button below Boom's vertical volume slider to open Boom's control panel. You'll see two tabs in the lower-left corner: Mac Volume and. volume boost mac

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make your audio boost on mac

Make Mac volume louder than volume boost mac with Boom 3D

Ever felt like your Mac’s standard speakers weren’t quite doing justice to a particular tune? You’re probably onto something. Songs aren’t interchangeable — they all have optimal settings for bass, treble, and more that your speakers don’t necessarily provide. So what’s the solution? Sure, you could go out and spend hundreds of dollars on external speakers. But you could also log into Setapp and download Boom 3D.

How to make mac volume louder than max

Boom 3D is an all-around sound enhancer and equalizer for Mac, designed to help your speakers perform optimally without any additional hardware. The app can adjust audio levels to match the genre of whatever you’re listening to, act as an instant volume boost mac booster, and manage independent volume levels for each open app. Plus, its 3D surround sound feature creates the impression of being surrounded by speakers, all inside your headphones. Here’s how to level up your listening.

Start with major adjustments

The main app window gives you several options for fine-tuning your listening experience. Use the button at top left to toggle the volume boost, and use the slider bar to adjust the master volume. Each of the round buttons can highlight a different feature of the music; use the round sliders to make adjustments. You can set the Equalizer by hand or use the drop-down Presets menu to optimize settings for your chosen genre.

Boom 3D equalizer

Tweak the app volume control

Boom 3D makes it easy to control the volume of specific applications. Click the Apps Volume Controller in either the mini-menu or the main app window, then use the button at top left to toggle the feature on and off and the slider bars to adjust individual volume levels. Remember that this includes system notifications such as email alerts.

Control the volume

Turn on surround sounds

To activate the app’s 3D Surround Sound feature, connect your headphones and click the 3D Surround button. You can toggle individual directional speakers on and off by clicking them, and adjust the bass and intensity using the slider bars at the top and bottom of the screen. You can also adjust the overall effect with a round slider in the main app window.

Set up 3D surround

Queue up some music

The app comes equipped with a built-in media player, the best way to get the benefits of its audio effects for your favorite tracks. Click the Musical Note icon at the bottom of the window and press + to add songs from your library to the queue. You can also drag and drop them in sequence.

Add music to playlist

Boom 3D on Setapp harnesses the potential of your Mac’s existing hardware to give you the smoothest, truest, loudest listening experience around. Turn it up to

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Best 10 YouTube Volume Boosters for Windows, macOS, Android, and iPhone

Have you ever listened to a YouTube video on max volume but still the sound wasn’t audible - even after turning up the YouTube volume as well as device audio? It is super annoying and inconvenient when you increase volume to max yet the video remains inaudible. YouTube volume issue could be due to various reasons such as poor audio quality of the built-in speakers or low original video sound. Well, there is a simple way to combat this problem i.e., sound booster. You can set different volume levels for the YouTube app on your PC or smartphone’s native volume avg secure vpn setup. There are different YouTube volume boosters for Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS devices.

From listening to your favorite podcast to watching vlogs with your friends, you can use the best volume booster apps to increase the media sound volume and quality!

Part 1: Best YouTube Volume Boosters for Windows and macOS

Let's introduce the best YouTube volume boosters for Windows and macOS:

1. FxSound (Windows and Mac)

FxSound is a very powerful tool that is made for Windows and macOS to enhance and boost the quality and volume of sound. This app comes with many features. For example, this audio software provides better sound MakeMKV 1.16.4 Crack + Product Code Free Download 2021, volume booster, and sound effects. Now you can listen to music, watch movies and play games without any distortion. Easily boost base, get customized effects and play with custom presets. You can download this app for your PC for free through the official website. People like this equalizer because it can make any audio format sound good even if it is years old! 

fxsound youtube volume booster

2. Boom 3D (Windows and macOS)

Boom 3D is a very popular app among many Windows and macOS users. This software is designed to help improve the audio on speakers or headphones that are connected to your computer. Boom 3D audio booster software also works with the Bluetooth devices that are connected to your PC. It can make any sound louder, clearer, and much better without buying any external devices. It provides us a 3D audio experience and works with any music player, video player, etc.!

boom 3d volume booster

3. Chrome Volume Booster Plugin (Windows)

This plugin has been rated 5 stars on the chrome web store as it is the best plugin for boosting up your volume on windows PC. This booster is so easy to download; you just have to go to the chrome web store and add the extension to your Google Chrome Browser. After adding it you can simply click on the icon and boost your volume up to %! This plugin is free in the chrome store, just add it and choose how much louder you want your sound to be. 

chrome volume booster

4. Letasoft Sound Booster (Windows)

Letasoft Sound Booster can only be used on windows. You can download it through the official website of Letasoft. It comes with a 14 days free trial period but after that, you have to buy their license to keep using it. This software is made to be used as an extra amplifier to boost up the volume of your audio or video if you think it is too low.  The Letasoft Sound Booster app is very easy to use as you can control the volume from the slider. Moreover, it auto-starts and has no sound distortion.  

letasoft sound booster

5. Froyosoft Sound Booster (Mac)

Froyosoft Sound Booster is made for macOS users so they can boost video and audio file volumes. Individual application volumes can also be adjusted with the help of the Froyosoft Sound Booster. The good thing about this booster is that it is free adobe acrobat reader for pc - Crack Key For U all users and it is % safe - you will not get any virus on your PC. You can download it from their website and increase the volume as high as you want to. So, get ready to get a clear and enhanced sound with the help of this app! 

froyoloft volume booster

Part 2: Best YouTube Volume Boosters for Android and iOS

Following are the best YouTube sound boosters for Android and iOS devices:

1. AmpMe (Android and iOS)

With the help of AmpMe, you can start your little party through music apps. You don’t just get to listen to music but you can also chat with your friends - yup that’s right, it is a two-in-one app! The AmpMe app helps you to play the same music with your friends at the same time. It is one of the best volume booster apps that is available for both Android and iOS. It uses Bluetooth to connect with several devices, and the more the devices the higher the volume of the music. AmpMe offers a free trial and it costs $ per week. 

ampme volume booster

2. Super Volume Booster (Android)

To enjoy your music more than ever, you need a good volume enhancer. And, what can be better than an app that is free and boosts your audio? Android users are in luck because Super Volume Booster is a user-friendly app that allows you to increase the volume of YouTube and other apps. It gives you the best music experience. Moreover, it is clean, simple and has a one-touch operation. Not to forget that it has amazing reviews on Playstore. This app also increases the bass and also supports headphones and Bluetooth.  

super volume booster

3. Volume Booster GOODEV (Android)

Volume Booster GOODEV is another app that boosts up the audio for you from 20 to 30% more! If you want to listen to an audiobook, watch a YouTube video or a movie on Netflix, volume Booster GOODEV can help you increase the volume of any media on any app! The volume can get so high that it might be dangerous for your ears so be careful. It offers a sound equalizer and is simple to use.  

volume booster app

4. Volume Booster - Equalizer Power iso filehippo (iOS)

Volume Booster Equalizer FX can increase your volume higher than the default audio controller. With the help of this app, your device’s speaker will give the best result. You can adjust the sound effect levels according to your need. It makes the sound quality better and boosts up the volume with a single tap. You can get a weekly, monthly or yearly subscription. It is a great premium YouTube Volume booster for all iOS devices. 

equalizer volume booster

5. Max Volume Booster (iOS)

Max Volume Booster, as the name shows, boosts the volume to the maximum. You can find this app in the AppStore for free but it offers a premium version as well. With the help of the premium version, you can get an ad-free experience with no time limit. You can decrease or increase the volume based on your needs. Max Volume Booster gives you the experience and you will get addicted to it because it is a high-quality YouTube volume booster. 

max volume booster

Part 3: Best YouTube Video Editing Software-Wondershare Filmora (Bonus Tip)

Wondershare Filmora is one of the most popular and user-friendly video editing software available. From beginners to pros, this app world for all. With Filmora you can create home videos, vlogs, Instagram reels, tutorials, guides, podcasts, and more! Wondershare Filmora is also the best YouTube video editor you will find! From editing to volume booster, you will find all the tools to create the perfect YouTube videos.