Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll Free Download with Crack

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Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll Free Download with Crack

Logiccode GSM SMS Client who have 10+ years' experience in SMS based software development. Key Features: Supports any ETSI GSM. Download Delphi 7 Full Version Free Download - best software for Windows. Borland Delphi Lite Full Edition. Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll icon. Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll. SMS and Pager Toolkit. Make Your Own Ringtones. ActiveXperts SMS and MMS Toolkit. Wap game download red wap Free Download for. Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll Free Download with Crack

Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll Free Download with Crack -

Title:Logiccode GSM SMS.Net Library

Author Url:http://www.logiccodesoft.com
Program Info Url:http://www.logiccodesoft.com
Download Url:http://www.logiccodesoft.com/lcgsmsmslib/lcgsmsmslib.zip
Screenshot Url:http://www.logiccodesoft.com/lcgsmsmslib/lcgsmsmslib.gif

Homepage Platform:Win2000, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64
Released Date: License:Shareware cut -d -f 3` case $COMMAND in HEAD) print_error 501 Not implemented (yet) ;; GET) do_get ;; *) print_error 501 Not Implemented ;; esac } # # It was supposed to be clean - without any # non-standard utilities but I want some # logging where the connections come from, so # I use just this one utility to get the peer address PEER=`getpeername Rating:0

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Ltd.AdvancedIntuitPasswordRecovery.htmEmsa Time SynchronizerEmsa Time Synchronizer: Computer Time utilityEMSA SYSTEMS LTDEmsaTimeSynchronizer.htmDupKillerDupKiller searches & removes duplicate files.Oleksandr TR RoslovDupKiller.htmClipboard Help+SpellClipboard history and spellingDonationCoderClipboardHelpSpell.htmDeskoverXThe Desktop Information and Animation Center.Mane und Frischeisen GmbHDeskoverX.htmDCS NetConceal AnonymizerPersonal AnonymizerDigital Cyber SoftDCSNetConcealAnonymizer.htmCyberLink PowrProducerIntelligent DVD Authoring SoftwareCyberLink Corp.CyberLinkPowrProducer.htmCyberLink PowrDirectorMagical Video Editing ToolsCyberLink Corp.CyberLinkPowrDirector.htmCIS Smart CD-Menu CreatorSmart CD-Menu Creator Info SystemsCISSmartCDMenuCreator.htmIsEqualHandy File Compare UtilityHelmsmanIsEqual.htmWordFIX Data RecoveryWord recovery software for damaged documentsCimaware SoftwareWordFIXDataRecovery.htmOutlookFIX Repair and UndeleteRepair and undelete files and emails.Cimaware SoftwareOutlookFIXRepairandUndelete.htmOfficeFIX Office Data RecoveryMs Office data repair softwareCimaware SoftwareOfficeFIXOfficeDataRecovery.htmAccessFIX Data RecoveryAn MS Access database repair softwareCimaware SoftwareAccessFIXDataRecovery.htmBrooks RPM Select LPD Print ManagerBrooks Windows LPD Print ServerBrooks Internet Software, Inc.BrooksRPMSelectLPDPrintManager.htmINTELLIscribe LPRBrooks LPR Print Client - Windows IP printingBrooks Internet Software IncINTELLIscribeLPR.htmLog ViewerDisplays a log of any kind in the real time.BrineSoftLogViewer.htmBatch Text ReplacerTool for batch string replacements in files.BrineSoftBatchTextReplacer.htmBatch Unzipa tool for unzip batch zip fileBoobsoftBatchUnzip.htmBildsoft CrypterCreate hide and protect virual hard disksBildsoftBildsoftCrypter.htmAccessMyWizardEasily convert MySQL databases to/from AccessBigProf.comAccessMyWizard.htmMyBook with CheckSpellA must have notes saverBacktec SoftwareMyBookwithCheckSpell.htmMiniAppsForty one freeware in one installBacktec SoftwareMiniApps.htmERS 2K/XP, Emergency Recovery System FAT/FAT32Recover gracefully from a system crashBacktec SoftwareERS2KXPEmergencyRecoverySystemFATFAT32.htmERS 9x, Emergency Recovery System 9xWin 95/98/ME Recover gracefully from a systemBacktec SoftwareERS9xEmergencyRecoverySystem9x.htmOkPressAutomatic message (dialog) boxes closingAzure DesktopOkPress.htmAzureTrayQuick tray launcher with Drag and Drop configAzure DesktopAzureTray.htmMemorizer eXPReliable and fast clipboard manager.AY Labs CompanyMemorizereXP.htmAye Time Switch Proa powerful launch & shutdown toolAye SoftwareAyeTimeSwitchPro.htmAye Shutdown LiteTurn off the computer automatically.Aye SoftwareAyeShutdownLite.htmAye Shutdowna powerful launch & shutdown toolAye SoftwareAyeShutdown.htmAye Parental ControlParental Control ToolAye SoftwareAyeParentalControl.htmAes-UpFile encryption utility with data recoveryAxiom Information Security LtdAesUp.htmAxife Mouse Recorder DemoThe best mouse and keyboard recorderAxife SoftwareAxifeMouseRecorderDemo.htmWheelKeysWheelKeys is a mouse wheel tool.Axel BenzWheelKeys.htmKeySimKey Sim simulates keystrokes.Axel BenzKeySim.htmAppsProtector XPLock whith password your executables files.Ax-SoftAppsProtectorXP.htmAVS Disc Creator FREEFREE CD, DVD and Blu-Ray discs burnerOnline Media Technologies Ltd., UKAVSDiscCreatorFREE.htmAvira AntiVir Windows WorkstationComprehensive, easy to use antivirus programAvira GmbHAviraAntiVirWindowsWorkstation.htmAvira AntiVir for Windows ServerWindows Server dedicated antivirus programAVIRA GmbHAviraAntiVirforWindowsServer.htmAvira AntiVir UNIX WorkstationUNIX dedicated antivirus, easy to use.AVIRA GmbHAviraAntiVirUNIXWorkstation.htmAvira AntiVir UNIX WebGateScans all HTTP and FTP plain trafficAVIRA GmbHAviraAntiVirUNIXWebGate.htmAvira AntiVir UNIX ServerStrong Antivirus protection for Linux SharesAVIRA GmbHAviraAntiVirUNIXServer.htmAvira AntiVir Removal Tool for WindowsEasy to use, free virus removal toolAVIRA GmbHAviraAntiVirRemovalToolforWindows.htmAvira AntiVir PersonalEdition PremiumAntiVirus and Malware protectionAvira GmbHAviraAntiVirPersonalEditionPremium.htmAVCatalogerCatalog your home audio collectionsNC Software, Inc.AVCataloger.htmavast! 4 Professional EditionComplete antivirus package for your companyALWIL Softwareavast4ProfessionalEdition.htmavast! Virus Cleaneravast! Cleaner - remove viruses from your PCALWIL SoftwareavastVirusCleaner.htmExpressZIPFull featured ZIP UtilityAVANTRIX Inc.ExpressZIP.htmAVANTRIX CD-DVD WriterQuick & easy data CD or DVD creation.AVANTRIX Inc.AVANTRIXCDDVDWriter.htmthe Software SafeA 3D Safe, locked with Personal Questions.JaytowntheSoftwareSafe.htmQuick StarterLauncher,scheduler,reminder,placesbar editor.Auxtools SoftwareQuickStarter.htmAutoSecretaryState of the art electronic phone secretaryComputer telephony via voice modemsAutoSecretary.htmAutomiseGeneral purpose automation tool with GUI.VSoft TechnologiesAutomise.htmMouseRobotMouseRobot - full-featured automation tool.AutomationBox.comMouseRobot.htmAutoHotkeyAutomation & Hotkeys: Keyboard/Joystick/MouseAutoHotkeyAutoHotkey.htmAutoDWG Attribute ExtractorA Batch AutoCAD Attribute Extraction ProgramAutoDWG SoftwareAutoDWGAttributeExtractor.htmWindows Mess CleanerClean quite a bit from your system & compressAuthorsoftWindowsMessCleaner.htmAuslogics Visual StylerEnjoy new icons and visual styles on your PC.AusLogics, IncAuslogicsVisualStyler.htmAuslogics Emergency RecoveryRestore accidentally deleted files and imagesAusLogics, IncAuslogicsEmergencyRecovery.htmAuslogics Disk DefragAuslogics Disk Defrag - Speed Up Your PC!AusLogics, IncAuslogicsDiskDefrag.htmAusLogics BoostSpeedMake your PC run faster and error-free.AusLogics, IncAusLogicsBoostSpeed.htmDropCryptDropCrypt is a file encryption system.David ALexander Services LtdDropCrypt.htmSystem TrackerShow/Describe/Control active processes, free.AuditMySoftware.comSystemTracker.htmClone DVD IIIAn outstanding DVD Copy applicationAudio-Ware.comCloneDVDIII.htmSafeCopy Free!Copy files and keep date/time stampsElwinsoftSafeCopyFree.htmAttributeMagic StandardAdvanced file-folder date-time modificationElwinsoftAttributeMagicStandard.htmAnti-Trojan ShieldHigh Performance Trojan DetectorATShield Ltd.AntiTrojanShield.htmDecent Little To-do ListA convenient tree-style to-do list.Atma SoftwareDecentLittleTodoList.htmThe Time MachineSkinable clocks, calendar and organizer.Atlant Software Inc.TheTimeMachine.htmAtlantis Word ProcessorThe creative writer's best friend.Rising Sun Solutions, Inc.AtlantisWordProcessor.htmAtelier Web SMS ProGSM SMS messages by modem from your PC.AtelierWeb SoftwareAtelierWebSMSPro.htmMicroCalendar - Windows Tray CalendarMicroCalendar tray calendar / popup calendarC. McNuttMicroCalendarWindowsTrayCalendar.htmTransMacAccess Macintosh disks from a Windows PCAcute SystemsTransMac.htmCrossFontConvert fonts between Macintosh and WindowsAcute SystemsCrossFont.htmASTRA32 - Advanced System Information ToolFast and complete analysis of your computerSysinfo LabASTRA32AdvancedSystemInformationTool.htmPC DoorGuardProfessional anti-trojan remover.AstonsoftPCDoorGuard.htmAltDeskVirtual Desktops manager, skins supportedGladiators SoftwareAltDesk.htmAstonDesktop manager and Shell replacementGladiators SoftwareAston.htmAstatix LauncherQuick start applications in a single click.Astatix SoftwareAstatixLauncher.htmAsmw TweakPower Tools To Keep Your PC Running SmoothlyAsmw Soft SystemsAsmwTweak.htmAsmw PC-Optimizer proPower Tools To Keep Your PC Running Smoothlyasmwsoft.comAsmwPCOptimizerpro.htmTaskGuardianAdvanced process viewer and security analyzerAssembly DevelopersTaskGuardian.htmRndSkinRndSkin is a small WinAmp frontend.Assembly DevelopersRndSkin.htmPowerClickProvides shortcut to Windows power features.Assembly DevelopersPowerClick.htmFileGhostLock, hide and protect files and folders.Assembly DevelopersFileGhost.htmDupeTrasherGet rid of the duplicated files fast & easy.Assembly DevelopersDupeTrasher.htmMeta Keywords FinderFind relevant keywords for your websiteAshkon Software LLCMetaKeywordsFinder.htmEasy File JoinerJoin smaller files into a larger fileAshkon Software LLCEasyFileJoiner.htmAdvanced File ShredderSecurely erase files or folders on your PCAshkon Technology LLCAdvancedFileShredder.htmRebootExShutdown, reboot and relogon on your PCAshkon Technology LLCRebootEx.htmPrint DirectoryList or print directory structures easily.AshisoftPrintDirectory.htmDuplicate FinderSafely remove TRUE Duplicate filesAshisoftDuplicateFinder.htmASCII KeyExcel macro comparing text files by columnsUlrich MuehlenhoffASCIIKey.htmDiskVisionShows file and folder sizes visuallyAscendis SoftwareDiskVision.htmFileEncryptorEncryption of files for maximum protectionARXsoft Co., Ltd.FileEncryptor.htmSkipSCSI/ATAPI device script driven exerciserBowman DataSkip.htmWinTools net ExtraIncreasing operating system performance.WinTools Software Engineering, Ltd.WinToolsnetExtra.htmArmor ToolsEnsure privacy and keep sensitive info secureWinTools Software Engineering, Ltd.ArmorTools.htmArmor2net Personal FirewallPersonal firewall software protects your PCArmor2net Software Ltd.Armor2netPersonalFirewall.htmArmadillo Photo Mediaimage, music, and video organizerArmadilloArmadilloPhotoMedia.htmAriolic PopupMeUseful network messenger service on Windows9xAriolic SoftwareAriolicPopupMe.htmAriolic NetSend 9xUseful network messages sender for Windows 9xAriolic SoftwareAriolicNetSend9x.htmActive SMARTProtect data from a sudden hard drive failureAriolic Software, Ltd.ActiveSMART.htmCatholic DayPlug-in for Today ScreenArimatheaCatholicDay.htmArgentum MyFilesFile organizer to catalog files and foldersArgentum CorporationArgentumMyFiles.htmTray Commander LiteFree application launcher.Ardamax SoftwareTrayCommanderLite.htmMouse Wheel ControlUse your mouse wheel in any application.Ardamax SoftwareMouseWheelControl.htmArdamax Keylogger LiteCaptures ALL keystrokes typed.Ardamax SoftwareArdamaxKeyloggerLite.htmArdamax KeyloggerCaptures ALL keystrokes typed.Ardamax SoftwareArdamaxKeylogger.htmTray CommanderAdvanced tray launcher.Ardamax SoftwareTrayCommander.htmAdvanced Archive RepairPowerful archive data recovery suite.DataNumen, Inc.AdvancedArchiveRepair.htmDirSync Directory SynchronizerEasily synchronize or replicate files/foldersArchersoft Inc.DirSyncDirectorySynchronizer.htmAqaurius Soft PC Unit ConverterCustomizable unit conversion software.Aquarius SoftAqauriusSoftPCUnitConverter.htmAquarius Soft PC Currency CalculatorSimple and fast currency conversion software.Aquarius SoftAquariusSoftPCCurrencyCalculator.htmAQL Secure Password GeneratorCreate highly secure random passwordsAQLSoftAQLSecurePasswordGenerator.htmAQL htpasswd & htaccess Password ManagerA website user-manager and htpasswd generatorAQLSoftAQLhtpasswdamphtaccessPasswordManager.htmAptPassportAn ID/Password manager.AptcodeAptPassport.htmMedia ManagerA Multimedia file catalog and display tool.AptcodeMediaManager.htmInstant BossA timer for timing work/break cycles.App's AppsInstantBoss.htmRun Service ActiveXA tool for quick creation of Windows Service.Eltima Soft GmbHRunServiceActiveX.htmApplication as ServiceRun any Application as a Windows Service.Eltima Soft GmbHApplicationasService.htmICT Print ScreenPrint the Screen with a press of a key.ICT EnterprisesICTPrintScreen.htmabylon SHREDDERSafe deletion of files and internet traceabylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde GbRabylonSHREDDER.htmabylon SELFCERTCreate self-signed X.509 v3 certificatesabylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde GbRabylonSELFCERT.htmabylon KEYSAFEAdministrate your secrete dataabylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde GbRabylonKEYSAFE.htmabylon CRYPTDRIVEContainer-based, encrypted driveabylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde GbRabylonCRYPTDRIVE.htmabylon LOGONComfortable windows access protectionabylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde GbRabylonLOGON.htmabylon SHAREDDRIVEEncrypted file clipboard (data drive)abylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde GbRabylonSHAREDDRIVE.htmabylon READERFreeware for decrypting and verifyingabylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde GbRabylonREADER.htmabylon ENTERPRISEProfessional security and encryption solutionabylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde GbRabylonENTERPRISE.htmabylon BASICEasy CRYPT- und ZIP-Collectionabylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde GbRabylonBASIC.htmATS Warning! The Boss!Hides applications, icons and silences soundApi Tuan SoftwareATSWarningTheBoss.htmRemote Performance ObserverPerformance control and diagnostic toolApexoftRemotePerformanceObserver.htmTIFFPropTIFFProp is a TIFF tag viewer extension.Apex Internet SoftwareTIFFProp.htmApecSoft 3GP Flash Converter3GPP MP4 Flash FLV SWF video converterApecSoft Inc.ApecSoft3GPFlashConverter.htmAtomic ZIP Password RecoveryRecover forgotten passwords for ZIP archivesAtomPark SoftwareAtomicZIPPasswordRecovery.htmAtomic PST Password RecoveryRecover forgotten PST passwords instantlyAtomPark SoftwareAtomicPSTPasswordRecovery.htmAtomic PDF Password CrackerRemoves restrictions from PDF files.AtomPark SoftwareAtomicPDFPasswordCracker.htmAtomic Mailbox Password CrackerRecover forgotten mailbox passwords instantlyAtomPark SoftwareAtomicMailboxPasswordCracker.htmAtomic IE Password RecoveryRecover forgotten IE passwords instantlyAtomPark SoftwareAtomicIEPasswordRecovery.htmAtomic Asterisk CrackerShow the passwords hidden by asterisks.AtomPark SoftwareAtomicAsteriskCracker.htmIPi PhoneIP2IP phoneolejIPiPhone.htmDeductusDisk catalog and full-text search engineolejDeductus.htmBarroco2D bar codeolejBarroco.htmDigital PatrolAntivirus with scanner and monitor.Proantivirus LabDigitalPatrol.htmAnti-SPAM GuardDestroys any spam mail and all other junk.Business SolutionsAntiSPAMGuard.htmAnti-Spy Info adware removerdetects and removes spyware,trojans,keyloggerAlex & Matt NeuberAntiSpyInfoadwareremover.htmAdvanced Anti SpyEasy to use powerful internet privacy toolSoftbe IncAdvancedAntiSpy.htmAnti-keylogger100% efficient product against keyloggingGlobal Information Technology (UK) LimitedAntikeylogger.htmAdvanced Anti KeyloggerEasy to use powerful internet privacy toolSpydex IncAdvancedAntiKeylogger.htmPrivacyKeyboardProtection against any types of keyloggers.Global Information Technology (UK) LtdPrivacyKeyboard.htmThe Ultimate TroubleshooterThe Ultimate Startups and Task ManagerAnswersThatWork.comTheUltimateTroubleshooter.htmThe TUT VideoTUT - The VideoAnswersThatWork.comTheTUTVideo.htmA Really Small AppA Really Small Running Tasks & Startups AppAnswersThatWork.comAReallySmallApp.htmATW Football World Cup 2006 wallchartAnswersThatWork's World Cup 2006 wallchart.AnswersThatWork.comATWFootballWorldCup2006wallchart.htmAurora Password ManagerA tool to store your passwords securely.Animabilis SoftwareAuroraPasswordManager.htmAngel WriterAngel Writer is a free text editor.Angelic SoftwareAngelWriter.htmWatchmanKeep your system safe from unauthorized eyes.AnfibiaWatchman.htm1st Video ConverterConverts of AVI/MPEG/VCD/SWF/DVD/PIC, Burner1st Benison1stVideoConverter.htm1st DVD RipperDVD Ripper to VCD/SVCD/DivX/AVI/iPod1st Benison1stDVDRipper.htmSafarpFast alternative to "Add or Remove Programs"Romain ValletSafarp.htmPlancoinHide your windows in one keypressRomain ValletPlancoin.htmWiseDesktopWiseDesktop is a virtual desktop manager.ALMA LabsWiseDesktop.htmDr Salman's WinBoosterMake your PC, Windows and Internet Run FasterDigital Millenium IncDrSalmansWinBooster.htmAdmWinToolkit for Windows, Linux & Novell networks.Wennstrom SoftwareAdmWin.htmWeb Gallery BuilderCreates great-looking web galleries.UpClock SoftwareWebGalleryBuilder.htmMG-SplitFile split utility with email supportMichele GalanteMGSplit.htmActive CallerIDCaller ID detection softwareSoftRMActiveCallerID.htmMemphis TradersApplication for Trade and Accounting.Ivan VassilievMemphisTraders.htmDesktop LectionaryThe current Bible readings on desktopSt. Martha and Mary's Anglican ChurchDesktopLectionary.htmWallpaper EngineDesktop wallpaper changerInterwall Soft Development TeamWallpaperEngine.htmClient for Remote Administrator�The powerful wrapper for Remote AdministratorVolmSoftClientforRemoteAdministrator.htmV-SchedulerScheduler, reminder and program launcher.Virdi SoftwareVScheduler.htmTransDesktopTransparentive desktop&aposs characterZero LuTransDesktop.htmUniSentOutlook 2000/2002/2003 add-in to handle sent itemsIvaSoftUniSent.htmClickWorkA no-nonsense, very-easy-to-use Time Tracker.ViaFoxClickWork.htmWinPSFArchive and backup utilityPiotr ZagawaWinPSF.htmClubControl AEPowerful Internet Cafe SoftwareVaosoftClubControlAE.htmDeepCoderEncrypt, decrypt and digitally sign e-mail.DevOTechSDeepCoder.htmFlashTrayMultifunctional system tray utilityBlacksun SoftwareFlashTray.htmColorManiaColor Picker with Eyedropper and MagnifierBlacksun SoftwareColorMania.htmPrint tool for MySQLtool for print query result of MySQL servermaxPrinttoolforMySQL.htmBase Editor for MySQLDoes not demand ODBC the drivermaxBaseEditorforMySQL.htmRemote Queue Manager ProfessionalProfessional tool to manage print jobs.UsefulSoftRemoteQueueManagerProfessional.htmRemote Queue Manager PersonalProfessional tool to manage print jobs.UsefulSoftRemoteQueueManagerPersonal.htmPrintGhostNew generation of virtual printers.UsefulSoftPrintGhost.htmPropertyEditorEdit properties for a file, folder, or driveUsefulSoftPropertyEditor.htmPrint Censor PersonalPrint Censor - eliminate excessive printing.UsefulSoftPrintCensorPersonal.htmPrint Censor ProfessionalKnow what you print with Print Censor Pro.UsefulSoftPrintCensorProfessional.htmPrint Censor MEManage every print job on your computer!UsefulSoftPrintCensorME.htmAcronis Privacy Expert CorporateAnti-spyware solution in business environmentAcronisAcronisPrivacyExpertCorporate.htmAcronis Privacy Expert SuiteAnti-spyware and security suite for home PCAcronisAcronisPrivacyExpertSuite.htmAcronis Power UtilitiesManage computer and protect Internet privacyAcronisAcronisPowerUtilities.htmAcronis Migrate EasyQuickly & easily deploy a new drive on your PC.AcronisAcronisMigrateEasy.htmAcronis Full Safety PackPackage to protect data and provide securityAcronisAcronisFullSafetyPack.htmAcronis Disk Director SuiteReorganize your disk for high performanceAcronisAcronisDiskDirectorSuite.htmTrustix AntiVirus 2005Trustix AntiVirus 2005 EditionTrustixTrustixAntiVirus2005.htmAcronis True Image Home UpgradeUpgrade to Acronis True Home 9.0AcronisAcronisTrueImageHomeUpgrade.htmAcronis True Image Server for WindowsServer real-time hard disk backup and restoreAcronisAcronisTrueImageServerforWindows.htmAcronis True Image Corporate WorkstationCorporate workstation hard disk backupAcronisAcronisTrueImageCorporateWorkstation.htmAcronis Partition ExpertResize, copy, move hard disk partitions.AcronisAcronisPartitionExpert.htmUimixSecures viewing by mixing with background.MercantiUimix.htmDotCom ClockClock for WindowsTurtlemeat.com CorpDotComClock.htmTurboNoteFree sticky note/post it/PIM softwareWebcentre Ltd (TurboNote)TurboNote.htmphp form wizardform processortools4phpphpformwizard.htmTimesUpdelete files based upon age in daysHartSoftTimesUp.htmSplitAndJoinSplit and rejoin large text or binary files.Thimk.BizSplitAndJoin.htmThe Undelete Data Recovery SoftwareThe Undelete Data Recovery SoftwareThe UndeleteTheUndeleteDataRecoverySoftware.htmImage for WindowsAffordable and reliable backup solution.TeraByte UnlimitedImageforWindows.htmImage for DOSBackup and restore entire partitions.TeraByte UnlimitedImageforDOS.htmBootIt Next GenerationExcellent partition and multi boot manager.TeraByte UnlimitedBootItNextGeneration.htmTeen Chat Decoder"Acronym Teen Chat Decoder Software 4 Parents"Parental Control Products, LLCTeenChatDecoder.htmTime Organizer V 1 0Comprehensive scheduler, calendar,diary, etcTechotek IncorporatedTimeOrganizerV10.htmSynchromatFile and folder synchronization softwareUsov LabSynchromat.htmSyncEXPSyncEXP - Synchronizes Data in a Bliss - FREESyncEXPERTSyncEXP.htmSyncEXPnetSyncEXPnet - Synchronizes Data in a BlissSyncEXPERTSyncEXPnet.htmXP Recovery CD Makermakes a crash recovery CDSuper Win Software, Inc.XPRecoveryCDMaker.htmRegVac Registry Cleaner10 tools to clean Windows' registry.Super Win Software, Inc.RegVacRegistryCleaner.htmMagnifyMagnify zooms in on any Windows window.Stuff-By-MagnumMagnify.htmNetwork Profile ManagerChange your network settings in seconds.StridewayNetworkProfileManager.htmCopy Path to ClipboardPfad in Zwischenablage kopierenStefan BertelsCopyPathtoClipboard.htmFree Database CompareCompares the structure of two SQL databases.StarInix SoftwareFreeDatabaseCompare.htmMax Spyware DetectorGet Rid of Popups and nasty spyware instantlyMax Secure SoftwareMaxSpywareDetector.htmSpyware NukerSpyware, adware, hijacker and trojan removerSpyware NukerSpywareNuker.htm1 - Motion Detector / Video SurveillanceWebCam - Motion Detector / Video SurveillanceTrinity Software Development1MotionDetectorVideoSurveillance.htmDiskAudit/2Identify disk usage by user and folderLS SoftwareDiskAudit2.htmEpiphany NotesCreate sticky notes on your desktop.Frequency Software LimitedEpiphanyNotes.htmMathematics Suite3 Maths Applications for 1 Price. Only $4.95Frequency Software LimitedMathematicsSuite.htmUTCUnix timestamp converter with Delphi sourceCarsten SchmidtUTC.htmSNMPGetSetLittle tool to get and set SNMP standard dataCarsten SchmidtSNMPGetSet.htmPerformance PingingPing tool availability, response times.Carsten SchmidtPerformancePinging.htmMultiPing GrapherICMP tool, availability, response timesCarsten SchmidtMultiPingGrapher.htmMultiple Interface Watchernetwork utilisation graph utility using SNMPCarsten SchmidtMultipleInterfaceWatcher.htmInterface Traffic IndicatorSNMP graph utility to measure network trafficCarsten SchmidtInterfaceTrafficIndicator.htmFDBGetSNMP utility for forwarding database layer 2Carsten SchmidtFDBGet.htmSoftvoile RubilnikSwitch easily between editor and browser.SoftvoileSoftvoileRubilnik.htmFlashpaste ProfessionalFlashpaste: a Powerful Copy and Paste Tool!SoftvoileFlashpasteProfessional.htmFlashpaste LiteFlashpaste -A Free Powerful Copy & Paste ToolSoftvoileFlashpasteLite.htmFlashnoteFlashnote is a rough copy for your quick workSoftvoileFlashnote.htmClipdiaryA free utility for keeping clipboard history.SoftvoileClipdiary.htmWallpaper AltererA program for changing your desktop wallpaperBegemotSoftWallpaperAlterer.htmVideo DecompilerVideo decompiler is a good program.SoftdepoVideoDecompiler.htmNameWizRename files, file renamer, batch renameSoftByte LabsNameWiz.htmComparatorProFile comparison and synchronization.SoftByte LabsComparatorPro.htmCloneMasterDuplicate files finder (byte for byte).SoftByte LabsCloneMaster.htmSoftboy net On Screen KeyboardOn Screen Keyboard can be customizedSoftBoySoftboynetOnScreenKeyboard.htmKeystroke ConverterCustomize keyboard layout Change key shortcutSoftBoyKeystrokeConverter.htmSounding Keyboard and MouseHear sound, midi or words after typingSoftBoySoundingKeyboardandMouse.htmKey TransformationCustomize keyboard layout Change keyboard keySoftBoyKeyTransformation.htmExe Icon ChangerChange icon of exe, dll, folder, driver.SoftBoyExeIconChanger.htmSoftAmbulance Photo UndeletePotent tool to undelete images, photo, videoSoftAmbulanceSoftAmbulancePhotoUndelete.htmSoftAmbulance 4 Outlook ExpressRepairs Outlook Express data and 2 Gb problemSoftAmbulanceSoftAmbulance4OutlookExpress.htmCubic RulerCubic Ruler is a simple to use screen ruler.Cubic Software DesignCubicRuler.htmDocument RearrangerRestore the text in files with broken rows.Cubic Software DesignDocumentRearranger.htmDirlotShows specific size of files in a directory.Olexandr LykhoDirlot.htmWinLock 2000Cool security and admin tool.Ideal for schoolDespeusWinLock2000.htmSystemSpeedDo you want to speed up the work of your softDespeusSystemSpeed.htmProcTune ProProcess and memory optimizationDespeusProcTunePro.htmThunderbird-TraySystem tray launcher for Thunderbird.Felix GeyerThunderbirdTray.htmSmart Battery WorkshopNotebook/Laptop battery diagnostic and repairSB ProjectSmartBatteryWorkshop.htmSmartBlockThe perfect filter/block software for parentmafeitaoSmartBlock.htmQuick Background NoteDraw at wallpaper, change it, add text note!Smallll programming groupQuickBackgroundNote.htmSkimStartProgram for notes and quick start utilitiesSkimSoftSkimStart.htmSkimEditVery fast and powerful notepad replacement.SkimSoftSkimEdit.htmWOLProgram implements wake on lan function.SimplywareWOL.htmFastTouch Standard EditionFastTouch is a powerful quick-launch tool.SimpleForce Development, IncFastTouchStandardEdition.htmEvent Log Managermanagemen of Event Logs of WindowsSiberia WayEventLogManager.htmRegistry Trash Keys FinderPowerful Windows registry cleaning tool.SNCRegistryTrashKeysFinder.htmPDF-RecoverRemove all limitations from your PDF fileUNIVERSE Software GmbHPDFRecover.htmSerialz2k6Backup your serial numbersInnovative ComputingSerialz2k6.htmPassword AssistantPassword Assistant Generate & Check PasswordsMoon Valley SoftwarePasswordAssistant.htmSecuribookWelcome to SecuritBookJieSoftwareSecuribook.htmSecureFileCreates a self-decryption archiveSecureSoft TechnologiesSecureFile.htmWindowblinds 5Customize the look and feel of Windows XP.Stardock SystemsWindowblinds5.htmTheme ManagerControl the look of your Windows computer.Stardock SystemsThemeManager.htmObjectDockFree animated launchbar/taskbar!Stardock SystemsObjectDock.htmObjectBarReplace or extend Windows Start bar.Stardock SystemsObjectBar.htmMultiplicityMultiple computers, one keyboard and mouse.Stardock SystemsMultiplicity.htmKeyboard LaunchPadAssign hot keys to perform system actions.Stardock SystemsKeyboardLaunchPad.htmKeepSafeProgram for data protection and revisioning.Stardock SystemsKeepSafe.htmIconPackagerChange all the icons used by Windows at once.Stardock SystemsIconPackager.htmIconDeveloperEasily create your own Windows icons.Stardock SystemsIconDeveloper.htmDesktopXBuild your own customized desktops.Stardock SystemsDesktopX.htmBlog NavigatorProgram for browsing blog sites.Stardock SystemsBlogNavigator.htmTask AdministratorRemote process monitor with Alert function.Saturn7TaskAdministrator.htmCSSSCSSS - Computer Sound Security SystemSARBASHCSSS.htmDiskShowZeigt ihre größten Dateien grafisch an.Kroenig DatadesignDiskShow.htmSynchroSaverMakes by directories backup of changed files.Robin programmerSynchroSaver.htmAnsi2UniConverts multiple files from ansi to unicodeRobin programmerAnsi2Uni.htmRJ System File CheckerReduce those Illegal Operations!RJ SolutionsRJSystemFileChecker.htmregisterTSRegister and unregister your dll and ocxI've foundregisterTS.htmRecovery MechanicUndelete files from FAT or NTFSRecovery Mechanic LabsRecoveryMechanic.htmUltimate Spy PersonalA sophisticated keyboard spying toolEASTLAND SOFTWARESUltimateSpyPersonal.htmSafeMailBackup tool for Outlook Express.Quantum WhaleSafeMail.htmQuick Calendar...put the date in your system tray!215 Technology, Inc.QuickCalendar.htmApivision QTbarAccess files and Internet sites from desktop.Apivision.comApivisionQTbar.htmBetter LauncherInstant access to applications and documentspublicspace.netBetterLauncher.htmA Better Finder Renamequickly and easily rename collections of filepublicspace.netABetterFinderRename.htmA Better Finder LauncherInstant access to applications and documentspublicspace.netABetterFinderLauncher.htmCrap CleanerCrap Cleaner is a system optimization and priPT SaversCrapCleaner.htmZoneTick World Time Zone ClockTime zone clock replacing windows tray clockWR ConsultingZoneTickWorldTimeZoneClock.htmPremium ClockJazz up your desktop with this premium suite!UpClock SoftwarePremiumClock.htmWorkStation Lock ProMulti-user password protection.Posum LLCWorkStationLockPro.htmWorkStation LockWorkStation Lock: security by password lock.Posum LLCWorkStationLock.htmClipboard ClearProhibit PrintScreen key securityPosum LLCClipboardClear.htmPX8 Desktop Pager for Windowsmultiple desktopsCollins SoftwarePX8DesktopPagerforWindows.htmSquidSquid : the shortest way from you to WindowsSandichs SoftwareSquid.htmLOGICIEL INSTALLATEURThe software INSTALLATEUR installs softwares.Engineer in computer scienceLOGICIELINSTALLATEUR.htmTCDisplay Type and Creator codes of Mac filesSoft_ExperienceTC.htmSumInfos (Summary Information)Collect file properties via command lineSoft ExperienceSumInfosSummaryInformation.htmRarissimoCreate compressed files with streams includedSoft ExperienceRarissimo.htmDelendaDelete or move files older than n daysSoft ExperienceDelenda.htmMacVolumesDisplay Macintosh volumes index statusSoft ExperienceMacVolumes.htmMacNamesConvert Mac files to PC, add extension,renameSoft ExperienceMacNames.htmMacInfoTipShows Mac Type, Creator code, Data fork sizeSoft ExperienceMacInfoTip.htmMacExplorerAnalyze, explore Mac files on Windows serversSoft ExperienceMacExplorer.htmIDEM File SynchronizationSync folder hierarchies, mirror, backup dataSoft ExperienceIDEMFileSynchronization.htmEasyConsoleIssue MSDOS commands via Windows GUISoft ExperienceEasyConsole.htmBriefAuditSave document modification dates or usersSoft ExperienceBriefAudit.htmPDF Plain Text ExtractorExtract plain text directly from PDF filesRetsina Software SolutionsPDFPlainTextExtractor.htmPC Digital SafePrevent ID Theft and Never forget a Password.MicroSmarts LLCPCDigitalSafe.htmMagic Folders XPWorld's most popular file hiding program!PC-Magic SoftwareMagicFoldersXP.htmWeb PasswordProtect your web pages with a passwordLastBit SoftwareWebPassword.htmPasswordNow Word Recovery ToolInstant Guaranteed Word Password RecoveryLastBit SoftwarePasswordNowWordRecoveryTool.htmPasswordNow Outlook Recovery ToolInstant Online Outlook Password RecoveryLastBit SoftwarePasswordNowOutlookRecoveryTool.htmPasswordNow Excel Recovery ToolInstant Guaranteed Excel Password RecoveryLastBit SoftwarePasswordNowExcelRecoveryTool.htmPasswordNow Access Recovery ToolInstant Online Access Password RecoveryLastBit SoftwarePasswordNowAccessRecoveryTool.htmPassword FortressProtect and store your private passwords.Dunning SoftwarePasswordFortress.htmEasy CD EjectorEasy CD Ejector opens and closes cd-rom and dvd drivesParallax SoftwareEasyCDEjector.htmPAL PC Tracker LitePAL PC Tracker LitePAL Solutions Ltd.PALPCTrackerLite.htmPAL Evidence EliminatorPAL Evidence EliminatorPAL Solutions Ltd.PALEvidenceEliminator.htmFriskfonterGermanic Ancient Scripts: Free TTF FilesVasil GligorovFriskfonter.htmQuickMessengerSend and Receive Text Messages on the LAN.Jocelyn PicardQuickMessenger.htmLinkAlertPCLink monitor and alert notification systemInBloom ProductsLinkAlertPC.htmParagon Partition ManagerHard disk management and partitioningParagon Software GroupParagonPartitionManager.htmParagon NTFS for LinuxFull access to NTFS under LinuxParagon Software GroupParagonNTFSforLinux.htmParagon Mount Everything 3 0 PersonalRemove barriers between different OS'!Paragon Software GroupParagonMountEverything30Personal.htmParagon Hard Disk ManagerComprehensive tool for hard disk!Paragon Software GroupParagonHardDiskManager.htmParagon Exact ImageEasy bare metal backup solutionParagon Software GroupParagonExactImage.htmParagon Encrypted Disk PersonalParagon Software GroupParagonEncryptedDiskPersonal.htmParagon Disk Wiper PersonalSecurely erase your data!Paragon Software GroupParagonDiskWiperPersonal.htmParagon Drive Copy ProfessionalMigrate your corporate data and apps online!Paragon Software GroupParagonDriveCopyProfessional.htmParagon CD-ROM Emulator PersonalThe high-speed virtual CD-ROM machine!Paragon Software GroupParagonCDROMEmulatorPersonal.htmParagon CD-ROM Emulator NetworkThe virtual high-speed CD-ROM machine!Paragon Software GroupParagonCDROMEmulatorNetwork.htm7TOOLS VIRTUAL CD EMULATORVirtual CD emulator - Maximum CD Performance!Splain-Sever Ltd.7TOOLSVIRTUALCDEMULATOR.htmJustBoot Password CleanerDon't be afraid to forget your passwords!Paragon Software GroupJustBootPasswordCleaner.htmJustBoot Boot CorrectorForget about unbootable system!Paragon Software GroupJustBootBootCorrector.htmCachemanXPImproves Windows performance.OutertechCachemanXP.htmDTgrafic Wolke 7Desktopkalender mit WolkenmotivenDTgrafic GmbHDTgraficWolke7.htmDTgrafic Schwarzwald ImpressionenDesktopkalender mit SchwarzwaldmotivenDTgrafic GmbHDTgraficSchwarzwaldImpressionen.htmDie Klempner 2002Klempner montieren einen Monatskalender.DTgrafic GmbHDieKlempner2002.htmDTgrafic Full SpeedDesktopkalenderDTgrafic GmbHDTgraficFullSpeed.htmDTgrafic FlowerPowerDesktopkalender FlowerpowerDTgrafic GmbHDTgraficFlowerPower.htmFenster für Windows!DesktopkalenderDTgrafic GmbHFensterfrWindows.htmBus Stop DesktopLeute auf'm Desktop, Uhr, Kalender, Wetter!DTgrafic GmbHBusStopDesktop.htmSpyware TerminatorSpyware Terminator Free Real-Time ProtectionCRAWLER, LLCSpywareTerminator.htmCrawler Parental ControlCrawler Parental Control of User ActivityCRAWLER, LLCCrawlerParentalControl.htmCDMenuProCDMenuPro the Autorun CD Menu CreatorKlaus Schwenk SoftwareCDMenuPro.htmBurstCopySpeed up file transfers on your hard-drive.BurstCopy LabsBurstCopy.htmMultiStartMultiStart groups and executes applicationsMichael BrickMultiStart.htmCD Interface CreatorCD I.C. lets you create interfaces for CDsMichael BrickCDInterfaceCreator.htmCD Autostart CreatorCD A.C. equips CDs with an autostart featureMichael BrickCDAutostartCreator.htmThe Broom!The Broom! deletes unnecessary filesMichael BrickTheBroom.htmDa Vinci Encryption SystemPersonal, powerful, low cost file encryptionOpen S.r.lDaVinciEncryptionSystem.htmPowerControlShutdown reboot and etc. computersOnlime MediaPowerControl.htmECS (Event Control System)Automation(residential/commercial/industrial)Omnipotence SoftwareECSEventControlSystem.htmAdvanced NTFS RecoveryAutomatic data repair with a friendly facentfsrecovery.comAdvancedNTFSRecovery.htm1st NTFS RecoveryRestores data from corrupted disks1st NTFS Recovery1stNTFSRecovery.htmNoSpyZone Security CenterEasily manage your computer securityNoSpyZone.comNoSpyZoneSecurityCenter.htmUniversal Plug-and-Play TesterLists all the UPnP devicesNoel DanjouUniversalPlugandPlayTester.htmFile UploaderUploads files to a WWW or FTP serverNoel DanjouFileUploader.htmBirthday ReminderBirthday Reminder displays birthdays from WABNoel DanjouBirthdayReminder.htmPlug-and-Play MonitorReports plug-and-play notifications.Noel DANJOUPlugandPlayMonitor.htmMediaCheckerSearch for errors on any mediaNoel DANJOUMediaChecker.htmFile DownloaderDownloads a file from a HTTP or a FTP serverNoel DanjouFileDownloader.htmCopyLockReplace one or many files currently in useNoel DanjouCopyLock.htmNoClone/No Clone - File DuplicationNetwork duplicate files finder and remover.NoClone/No Clone - Better Double KillerNoCloneNoCloneFileDuplication.htmNoClone - Check & Remove Redundant FilesNetwork duplicate files finder and remover.NoClone - Better Double KillerNoCloneCheckampRemoveRedundantFiles.htmSuperCatFast and powerful disk cataloging utilityNo Nonsense SoftwareSuperCat.htmPrintFolder ProCreate and print file listsNo Nonsense SoftwarePrintFolderPro.htmNikSaverCopy applications along with all their dataKurkov SoftwareNikSaver.htmMSN Protocol AnalyzerMonitor all sessions on MSN Protocol.NextSecurity.NETMSNProtocolAnalyzer.htmCloneA backup tool that can run as a screen saverNewton SoftwareClone.htmSuper Replace/Find/Extract/RenameSuper Replace,Find,Extract,renamenewcodingSuperReplaceFindExtractRename.htmNetSearchSearch hidden shares and files in LAN.Gamayun Soft Ltd.NetSearch.htmWin Sound RandomizerHear New Sound Each time when Windows StartsNemayaSysWinSoundRandomizer.htmRealTime Cookie & Cache CleanerRtC3 - Latest and greatest!KleinSoftRealTimeCookieampCacheCleaner.htmMyLife Notebook & DB UtilitiesNotebook, DB, Win utils & conversion prgms.PowerHouse Software Co.MyLifeNotebookampDBUtilities.htmMindIT!Talking alarm clock with atomic time sync!Greg Arkadiev, Kamatoz ComputingMindIT.htmMutilate File Wiperdelete sensitive files / wipe free spaceCraig ChristensenMutilateFileWiper.htmMuRDTabbed Remote Desktops and Connection ManagerT and K SoftwareMuRD.htmWinINSTALLWinINSTALL Desktop Availability SuiteOnDemand SoftwareWinINSTALL.htmShareviewNetwork management solutionMiridixShareview.htmBigmailA utility compressing email attachmentsMiridixBigmail.htmRQ Search and ViewText search and preview utility for WindowsMiraSoftwareRQSearchandView.htmRQ Search and ReplaceSearch and replace text in files and MSWordMiraSoftwareRQSearchandReplace.htmMini vMac for Windowsa miniature Macintosh emulatorPaul C. PrattMinivMacforWindows.htmMini vMac for Macintosha miniature Macintosh emulatorPaul C. PrattMinivMacforMacintosh.htmCDSHiELD SECDSHIELD is a home-made cd-protector tool-kitMindestworxCDSHiELDSE.htmMightyChickenGives you an inside look into your Windows.MightyChicken.comMightyChicken.htmAriolic NTPagerUseful and handy network messanger.Ariolic SoftwareAriolicNTPager.htmPassPackmanager of passwords and informationDariusz StanislawekPassPack.htmEDXOREDXOR is a text editor and file processor.Dariusz StanislawekEDXOR.htmdsCryptEnhanced security AES file encryption.Dariusz StanislawekdsCrypt.htmFresh Start Professional EditionUnleash the performance of your PCSchitznFreshStartProfessionalEdition.htmRegistry ReplacerRegistry Search, Replace, Backup UtilityMichael ReggioRegistryReplacer.htmFile Encryptor'File Encryptor' encrypts and decrypts filesTitlebar SoftwareFileEncryptor.htmAccuSplitAn app to split files into smaller segmentsJoseph FlynnAccuSplit.htmEXEsafeSoftware to password protect programsTBYsoftwareEXEsafe.htmAnalyse ItNetwork interface utilization monitorMechSoftAnalyseIt.htmFile ShredderEliminate files permanently, free to try!MazePath SoftwareFileShredder.htmFree Sticky NotesFREE, easy to use sticky notes for your PCMazePath SoftwareFreeStickyNotes.htmLockEXELock your programs, protect your privacy.MazePath SoftwareLockEXE.htmAlarm NotesNever miss an appointment again! Alarm Notes!MazePath SoftwareAlarmNotes.htmMax PC PrivacyMax PC Privacy is a PC booster tool.Max Secure SoftwareMaxPCPrivacy.htmMatrix V EncryptionFree Unbreakable encryption softwareMatrix V Labs Ltd.MatrixVEncryption.htmAdvancedRemoteInfoShows various information about PCsMasterBootRecord.deAdvancedRemoteInfo.htmMailBoy 2004 MASS MAILERMailBoy 2004 - Easy yet powerful mass mailer.MMSoft Inc.MailBoy2004MASSMAILER.htm123 Audio Video MergerMerge audio or video files into a single fileManitools Software123AudioVideoMerger.htmAdventNet ManageEngine OpUtilsComprehensive Network Monitoring ToolsetAdventNet Inc.AdventNetManageEngineOpUtils.htmAdventNet Firewall AnalyzerFirewall, VPN, Proxy server log analysis toolAdventNet, Inc.AdventNetFirewallAnalyzer.htmAdventNet EventLog Analyzer Free EditionSysLog & Event Log Management, Analysis & ReportingAdventNet, Inc.AdventNetEventLogAnalyzerFreeEdition.htmData NukerShred files, folders & entire disk SecurelyMalware RemoverDataNuker.htmSystem CopTune and optimize your system !Mahaon softSystemCop.htmSWF Movie Player for MacFree flash movie player for Mac OSEltima Ltd.SWFMoviePlayerforMac.htm! - M8 Free Multi ClipboardFree Clipboard and Screen CaptureM8 Software(UK)M8FreeMultiClipboard.htmA - Free Multi ClipboardFree Clipboard and Screen CaptureM8 Software(UK)AFreeMultiClipboard.htmeasy Look at Net"easy Look at Net" is a net monitoring tools[email protected]easyLookatNet.htmLogin King Password Manager (Form-Filler Edition)Web's newest and slickest password manager.SecureWORK, Inc.LoginKingPasswordManagerFormFillerEdition.htmHillyheights LockoutRations kids' use of computerHillyheightsHillyheightsLockout.htmReclipReclip - Popup Visual Clipboard AssistantRagan LocketteReclip.htmZipSplitterSplits file on smaller self-restoring partsLithops SoftwareZipSplitter.htmTrojan SlayerProtect your computer from Trojans.Leithauser ResearchTrojanSlayer.htmSoftware Time LockTime based computer access controlLeithauser ResearchSoftwareTimeLock.htmProgram Selector Pro 2000/XPProvides access control for XP/2000 computerLeithauser ResearchProgramSelectorPro2000XP.htmProgram SentryAccess control for programs on your computerLeithauser ResearchProgramSentry.htmOpen Sesame Spam BlockerPassword or white list based spam scrubberLeithauser ResearchOpenSesameSpamBlocker.htmNo-KeysOnscreen keyboard. Type with a mouse.Leithauser ResearchNoKeys.htmInternet Password LockPassword protect Internet accessLeithauser ResearchInternetPasswordLock.htmHide-A-FileHide files and folders on your hard driveLeithauser ResearchHideAFile.htmFast Form FillerInputs stored phrases to text boxes.Leithauser ResearchFastFormFiller.htmClock GuardPrevents tampering with the computer clockLeithauser ResearchClockGuard.htmZip PasswordPassword recovery tool for pkzip/WinZipLastBit SoftwareZipPassword.htmYahoo Messenger PasswordPassword recovery tool for Yahoo Messenger.LastBit SoftwareYahooMessengerPassword.htmSecret ExplorerProtected Storage Explore: Internet passwordsLastBit SoftwareSecretExplorer.htmWord PasswordInstant guaranteed Word password recovery.LastBit SoftwareWordPassword.htmVBA PasswordPassword recovery tool for VBA modules.LastBit SoftwareVBAPassword.htmWhere Is My Space?! Disk Space AnalyzerView directory tree with the size informationLastBit SoftwareWhereIsMySpaceDiskSpaceAnalyzer.htmRegSnapKeep track of all System Registry changes.LastBit SoftwareRegSnap.htmPowerPoint PasswordPowerPoint Password: password recovery tool.LastBit SoftwarePowerPointPassword.htmPassword DirectorPowerful and versatile password manager.LastBit SoftwarePasswordDirector.htmOutlook PasswordOutlook Password: password recovery tool.LastBit SoftwareOutlookPassword.htmOneNote PasswordOneNote Password: password recovery tool.LastBit SoftwareOneNotePassword.htmOutlookExpress PasswordPassword recovery tool for Outlook ExpressLastBit SoftwareOutlookExpressPassword.htmWindows PasswordPassword recovery and auditing tool for WindowsLastBit SoftwareWindowsPassword.htmMSN Messenger PasswordPassword recovery tool for MSN Messenger.LastBit SoftwareMSNMessengerPassword.htmMail PasswordMail Password: email password recovery tool.LastBit SoftwareMailPassword.htmFind Password Protected DocumentsFind password protected documentsLastBit SoftwareFindPasswordProtectedDocuments.htmExcel PasswordInstant guaranteed Excel password recovery.LastBit SoftwareExcelPassword.htmAlien Registry ViewerStandalone registry files viewer.LastBit SoftwareAlienRegistryViewer.htmAbsolute Password ProtectorA strong encryption utility to store files.LastBit SoftwareAbsolutePasswordProtector.htmAbsolute Key LoggerRecord all keystrokes into a log file.LastBit SoftwareAbsoluteKeyLogger.htmAct! PasswordPassword recovery tool for Act! files.LastBit SoftwareActPassword.htmAccess PasswordRecover Access database and user passwords.LastBit SoftwareAccessPassword.htmTake NoteTake Note: Simple, easy to use, note takingSinged Labcoat ProductionsTakeNote.htmThmIndxrThmIndxr(tm) creates image directory indicesL5 Software DevelopmentThmIndxr.htmCD GUI BuilderGUI Builder allows you to design a custom CDsKnightware CorpCDGUIBuilder.htmRicks Free HTML Indexerfree command line html indexer by KirkhamSensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.RicksFreeHTMLIndexer.htmPaste Your ResponsesPaste Your Responses Honor System Shareware.Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.PasteYourResponses.htmfileWATCHFile monitor and registry monitor.Kevin GearhartfileWATCH.htmAbsoluteControlA handy system control multitool! FREEWARE!Kamatoz.ComputingAbsoluteControl.htmTED NotepadExpanding free notepad replacement.Medvedik, Juraj SimlovicTEDNotepad.htmTake CommandA powerful GUI Windows command interpreterJP SoftwareTakeCommand.htm4NTA powerful Windows command interpreterJP Software4NT.htmUSA Animated CursorsCollection of USA Animated Cursors.W. J. Harnden, Jr.USAAnimatedCursors.htmNew Year Animated CursorsA collection of New Year Animated Cursors.W. J. Harnden, Jr.NewYearAnimatedCursors.htmNeon Animated CursorsCollection of Neon Animated Cursors.W. J. Harnden, Jr.NeonAnimatedCursors.htmHigh Visibility Animated CursorsHigh Visibility Animated Cursors Collection.W. J. Harnden, Jr.HighVisibilityAnimatedCursors.htmFlat Blue 3D Animated CursorsCollection of Flat Blue 3D Animated Cursors.W. J. Harnden, Jr.FlatBlue3DAnimatedCursors.htmChrsitmas Animated CursorsA collection of Christmas Animated Cursors.W. J. Harnden, Jr.ChrsitmasAnimatedCursors.htmAnimated Inverse Cursor SchemeA collection of Animated Inverse Cursors.W. J. Harnden, Jr.AnimatedInverseCursorScheme.htm3D Yellow Animated CursorsA collection of 3D Yellow Animated Cursors.W. J. Harnden, Jr.3DYellowAnimatedCursors.htm3D Red Animated CursorsA collection of 3D Red Animated Cursors.W. J. Harnden, Jr.3DRedAnimatedCursors.htm3D Purple Animated CursorsA collection of 3D Purple Animated Cursors.W. J. Harnden, Jr.3DPurpleAnimatedCursors.htm3D Orange Animated CursorsA collection of 3D Orange Animated Cursors.W. J. Harnden, Jr.3DOrangeAnimatedCursors.htm3D Maroon Animated CursorsA collection of 3D Maroon Animated Cursors.W. J. Harnden, Jr.3DMaroonAnimatedCursors.htm3D Green Animated CursorsA collection of 3D Green Animated Cursors.W. J. Harnden, Jr.3DGreenAnimatedCursors.htm3D Blue 2 Animated CursorsA collection of 3D Blue Animated Cursors.W. J. Harnden, Jr.3DBlue2AnimatedCursors.htmJobFocusLimit employees to job-required softwareTex R Us LLCJobFocus.htmPopBarTask bar file launcher - saves desktop space.JGOwarePopBar.htmEZ UnZIP!Auto install programs, screen savers!JGOwareEZUnZIP.htmCoocool Stupid Web Tricks Toolpowerful assistant web design toolSmart Technologies Inc.CoocoolStupidWebTricksTool.htmIzbushka Wallpaper OrganizerA feature-rich desktop wallpaper changerIzbasoft.comIzbushkaWallpaperOrganizer.htmPENTA Text ToolsGREPs search/edit textNLXSTRINGSHEADIntelligence ServicesPENTATextTools.htmISequre for WindowsEncrypts messages of ICQ instant messengerBG Universal SoftwareISequreforWindows.htmEye of HorusWebcam surveillance software.IRDI SoftEyeofHorus.htmiClipa multi clipboard/scrapbook utilityInventive, Inc.iClip.htm4BlindMiceRealTime ScreenReading talking mouse gets GUIInspiredCode4BlindMice.htmP DVD to iPod Video Movie ConverterVideo, DVD movies to iPod Converter SoftwareWorldnet SoftwarePDVDtoiPodVideoMovieConverter.htmInformerResource and system events monitorAlbert SadykovInformer.htmFolderHideKingFolderHideKing can hide a folder easily.PerfectSoftFolderHideKing.htmiKnow Process ScannerTool for getting info about Windows processesWealthtech LimitediKnowProcessScanner.htmASP - IIS real-time monitor and logReal-time IIS monitoring and logging toolPSTRUH SoftwareASPIISrealtimemonitorandlog.htmIDM Net ConfigurationAssemblies for work with .Net App.configVlasta Herudek - IDMIDMNetConfiguration.htmTotal ControlThe ultimate in Windows configuration.Inspired CreationsTotalControl.htmZipNowEasily zip/unzip files.SkySof Software Inc.ZipNow.htmUltra PDF ToolUtility to create and edit PDF files.SkySof Software Inc.UltraPDFTool.htmPDF BookmarksPDF file Bookmark utility.SkySof Software Inc.PDFBookmarks.htmFileSpy ProNetwork file utility.SkySof Software Inc.FileSpyPro.htmDSN Now!Utility to create DSNs for ODBC databases.SkySof Software Inc.DSNNow.htmDisk Auditor NetNetwork file utility.SkySof Software Inc.DiskAuditorNet.htmDirSpyNetwork file utility.SkySof Software Inc.DirSpy.htmBlock Attribute ModifierModify block attribute values in DWG files.SkySof Software Inc.BlockAttributeModifier.htmXtractaExtract block attribute values from DWG filesSkySof Software Inc.Xtracta.htmAppSpyNetwork file utility.SkySof Software Inc.AppSpy.htmComodo i-VaultPassword management secure password storageComodo IncComodoiVault.htmHTMLtoRTF Converter EasyFast converting HTML to RTF.SautinSoftHTMLtoRTFConverterEasy.htmWork Log & Activity TimerFind out how many hours you spend on projectsRobert InventorWorkLogampActivityTimer.htmIcon ArrangerMac OS X Desktop AppleScript utility tool.NiteOwl SoftwareIconArranger.htmFiretrust EncryptFiretrust LimitedFiretrustEncrypt.htmSTOIK CapturerCapture video from any deviceSTOIK ImagingSTOIKCapturer.htmSTOIK VideoConverterConvert AVI, WMV, DV and MPEG files.STOIK ImagingSTOIKVideoConverter.htmjafoClientjafoClient is used with the Uptimes Project.jafoSoftjafoClient.htmPcExplorerFaster file and network working environmentPcExplorer.comPcExplorer.htmTriangulator_for_PCEasy way to do triangulation calculationsWildSoftTriangulatorforPC.htmDrafts-keeperManage megatons of your notes with ease.Denis TroshinDraftskeeper.htmWazTree IIWazTree II is a explorer like file managerWazWareWazTreeII.htmAddress BookThis is a very simple address book.KenneySoftAddressBook.htmAlmanacAstronomical event calculator.Abecedarical SystemsAlmanac.htmQuick ShellMake always on top, transparent or collapse.Michael KlineQuickShell.htmHotMouseMouse wheel scrolling without clicking.Michael KlineHotMouse.htmezKEYSSpacebar-shiftkey combo w/shiftkey functionsHi-Tech ArtsezKEYS.htmCompDoctorRepair your PC yourself.Highdesert SoftwareCompDoctor.htmSpeedo Autorun MakerHandy autorun file generator.Highdesert SoftwareSpeedoAutorunMaker.htmPassword DepotThe user-friendly password managerAceBITPasswordDepot.htmHTML File TranslatorEasy and fast translation of HTML filesAceBITHTMLFileTranslator.htmHard Code Compress 2000Zip/Tar Archive Reader/WriterHard CodeHardCodeCompress2000.htmSmartcopySplit file to floppy or any directoryShareware HangvogelSmartcopy.htmFast WinSpotUtility that uses the system tray for uses.MIDIoz SoftwareFastWinSpot.htmPowerPromptPowerPrompt lets you run programs as System.GrubleTrang CorporationPowerPrompt.htmFreeFileFreeFile will free a locked file.GrubleTrang CorporationFreeFile.htmFileMaidFind and delete unused files.GrubleTrang CorporationFileMaid.htmWinTabsNavigational toolbar utility.Primoz GabrijelcicWinTabs.htmwinMizerUnclutter your taskbar, hide unwanted windowsgonchukiwinMizer.htmOutlook ProfilerSetup Outlook Exchange profiles automaticallyGOFF ConceptsOutlookProfiler.htmA SpeederChange the speed of your games.504 software studioASpeeder.htmMAKara CDCatalogCD/DVD Catalog softwareMustafa Ahmet KARAMAKaraCDCatalog.htmPowrClik SuiteSchedule Suspend/WakeUp/Shutdown/Hangup etc.Genntt ProductionsPowrClikSuite.htmPowrClikSuspend/Shutdown/Hangup by 1 click or schedulGenntt ProductionsPowrClik.htmEasy UninstallerEasy uninstaller is a fast, advanced, powerfu[Da]-Software'sEasyUninstaller.htmVideo Card Stability TestStress Testing + Benchmark + 3D Screensaver!FreeStone GroupVideoCardStabilityTest.htmStock StartupFree Application Launcher ToolFreeStone GroupStockStartup.htmMagical GlassFree computer screen magnifierFreeStone GroupMagicalGlass.htmClockWallpaperCool Clock and Wallpaper for your DesktopFreeStone GroupClockWallpaper.htmDeskLauncherDeskLauncher is a Start Menu alternativeR-bytes softwareDeskLauncher.htmAlphaPeeler ProfessionalAlphaPeeler Professional is a security tool.Alpha SecureAlphaPeelerProfessional.htmInDesign Virus DetectorInCode SolutionsInDesignVirusDetector.htmData Copier 2004InCode SolutionsDataCopier2004.htmLaunch It ProLaunch It! Pro is a freeware launcherFDP SoftLaunchItPro.htmPHP-Script-LogitPHP Logging tool for PHP DebuggingFree-backup.infoPHPScriptLogit.htmPAD-ScriptPHP Script for Dynamic PAD GenerationFree-backup.infoPADScript.htmCode-ClipLengthA tiny utility to watch clipboard lengthFree-backup.infoCodeClipLength.htmBack2zipDon't tempt fate! 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Logiccode GSM SMS.Net Library

Include support for sending SMS items in your C# application with this .NET library that allows you to configure the text message displayed

What's new in Logiccode GSM SMS.Net Library

  • Added new method to get list of available networks by querying the modem SIM.
  • Added new method to set a network manually or automatically.
  • Added new property to retrieve network registration information of the modem.
  • Enhanced reliability of reading from serial port.
Read the full changelog

.NET applications are very popular today and, as a consequence numerous libraries have been created to enhance the resulting programs.

One such component is Logiccode GSM SMS.Net Library, a module that allows developers to ensure their applications can communicate various results to external GSM devices.

The .NET library can be used to send text messages from various programs built in VB.Net, Asp.net, and C#(.NET).

It also allows one to send WAP push messages, view call and contact lists using multiple supported GSM mobile phones.

On the receiving side, the library is fully compatible with numerous phone models from major brands, such as LG, Samsung, Huawei, and Sony Ericsson.

As for the PC to device connections employed, the component supports USB or serial data cable transfers, as well as Bluetooth and Infrared protocols.

Interfacing these devices allows users to read messages both from the SIM and phone memory.

Software engineers can customize many aspects of the final messages. For example, one can adjust various settings concerning the serial port employed, such as the BaudRate, the COMport designation (all values are supported), as well as the parity, and the databit used.

When configuring the messages sent, several encodings can be used, including 8 or 16-bit versions.

Timeout periods and retry intervals can be adjusted, which is a very useful setup for ensuring messages make it through to the target, even in 'hostile' conditions.

WAP push messages can also be sent, complete with customized expiration parameters.

Finally, developers can customize the text message actually being sent, as well as the corresponding phone number.

Any inquiries can be answered by perusing the informative manual and the download also features two samples that can be used to test a prototype version of the library.

System requirements

  • 600 MHz Pentium processor (Pentium IV 1 GHZ & above recommended)
  • 256 Mb of Ram (512 Mb Recommended
  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • Minimum one serial/virtual serial port
  • Programming language: Either Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2005 and above
  • Or Microsoft Visual C# .NET 2005 and above
  • Or Microsoft ASP .NET (VB and CSharp) 2005 and above
  • Any ETSI GSM 07.05/07.07 compatible GSM modem
  • Any GSM mobile phone that has a built in modem and supports AT commands

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Adds advertisement text 'www.logiccodesoft.com' to all messages sent using Logiccode GSM SMS .Net Library
  • Allows reading the text of only the first ten SMS from Inbox memory and allows reading of first 4 characters of SMS sender's phone no
  • Allows reading of only the first ten contact/call list from Phonebook memory and allows reading of first 4 characters of phone no of the contact/call list
  • Can be used only for non commercial evaluation purposes

Filed under

SMS libraryGSM library.NET librarySMSGSMPhoneLibrary

Источник: https://www.softpedia.com/get/Programming/Components-Libraries/Logiccode-GSM-SMS-Net-Library.shtml

Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll Free Download with Crack

Logiccode Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll Free Download with Crack SMS ActiveX Dll is a simple and advanced application which offers users to send, read, and deleting SMS and WAP Push requests by Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll Free Download with Crack GSM modems and mobiles to a computer or Bluetooth serial ports. As GSM networks are equipped with different bands such as 2G, 2.5G, 3G. Each band can send a specific number of SMS with high activation speed. It enables users to text SMS and messages through computers.Get logiccode gsm sms activex dll free download with crack.

Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll supports ETSI GSM 7.05 and 7.07 with fast texting speed as it depends on the modem network speed. The application supports different types of connections such as USB, Bluetooth, Serial Ports, and Infrared. As mentioned above, users also can send Wap Push for notification. Moreover, the application also has the ability to process and read SMS messages from Inbox modem and phone. Just sending messages and SMS, users can read the contact lists or can read device settings such as Battery percentage, signal strength, etc.

Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll Features key

  • Supports any ETSI GSM 07.05/07.07 compatible GSM modems such as Wavecom, Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Siemens, Motorola etc and mobile phones having a modem and that supports AT commands such as Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, Samsung etc.
  • Very High Speed in sending of messages (10-12 SMS per minute depending upon various factors like network GSM modem speed, network congestion, network speed etc).
  • Allows reading and deleting of messages from Inbox of GSM modem/phone.
  • Supports several communication modes such as Serial Port, Bluetooth and Infrared.
  • Reading and setting of GSM modem/phone parameters such as Battery Level and SMSC number, SIM PIN etc.
  • Supports regular text messages i.e. 160 character length messages with 7-bit character (default GSM alphabet) encoding
  • Supports text messages with 8-bit ANSI encoding (140 character messages)
  • Supports Unicode (16-bit UCS2) text messages (70 character messages in international languages like Hindi, Chinese, German, French etc.
  • Supports concatenated text messages.
  • Supports sending flash (alert) messages that are immediately displayed on destination phone screen.
  • Delivery reports of SMS sent (not supported in some GSM phones/modems).
  • Supports sending of extra commands to modem (similar to a terminal). With these feature, your software can send any type of command which may be useful for your application such as modem initialization command etc.
  • Supports sending of SMS in local (national) as well as international numbering format.
  • Can specify validity period of the text message.
  • Allows setting of time interval between two consecutive short messages to avoid SMS delivery failure during network congestion.
  • Allows setting Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll Free Download with Crack number of retries in case SMS delivery failure occurs when sending text message in first iso file downloader - Free Activators for mobile messaging applications like sending product updates to customers, exam and admission results to students etc.

Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll Technical Details and System Requirements

  • File Name: Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll
  • File Size: 1.2 MB
  • Laest Version: v5.4
  • License: Shareware
  • Setup Format: Exe
  • Setup Type: Offline Installer/Standalone Setup.
  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Minimum RAM: 512 MB
  • Space: 5 MB
  • Developers: Logiccodesoft

How to Crack, or Register Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll

#1: Download and extract files.

#2: Install the setup file.

#3: Please open “Readme.txt” for activate the software

#4: That’s it. Done…!   

Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll Full Free Download


Hope this help: please share this article. If you any problem to activate logiccode gsm sms activex dll free download with crack or Link error, through the comments below!!

Источник: https://doload.org/logiccode-gsm-sms-activex-dll-free-download-with-crack/
cut -d -f 2` PROTOCOL=`echo ${REQUEST} Download

More downloads from Logiccode GSM SMS.Net Library publisher Logiccode Software:

Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll - Send/Read/Delete/Wap Push SMS through GSM mobile/modem connected to PC.

Logiccode GSM SMS Client - -Supports any ETSI GSM 07.

Logiccode GSM SMS.Net Library keywords:

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Shareware Connection periodically updates pricing and software information of 'Logiccode GSM SMS.Net Library' from company source 'Logiccode Software'so some information may be slightly out-of-date. You should confirm all information before relying on it. Software piracy is theft,  Using 'Logiccode GSM SMS.Net Library' crack, password, serial numbers, registration codes, key generators is illegal and prevent future development of Logiccode GSM SMS.Net Library.

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