PowerBuilder License key

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PowerBuilder License key

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PowerBuilder License key -

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Software development tool

PowerBuilder is an integrated development environment owned by SAP since the acquisition of Sybase in 2010. On July 5, 2016, SAP and Appeon entered into an agreement whereby Appeon, an independent company, would be responsible for developing, selling, and supporting PowerBuilder.[1]

Over the years, PowerBuilder has been updated with new standards. In 2010, a major upgrade of PowerBuilder was released to provide support for the Microsoft.NET Framework.[2] In 2014, support was added for OData, dockable windows, and 64-bit native applications.[3] In 2019 support was added for rapidly creating RESTful Web APIs and non-visual .NET assemblies using the C# language and the .NET Core framework. And PowerScript client app development was revamped with new UI technologies and cloud architecture.[4]

Appeon has been releasing new features every 6-12 month cycles, which per the product roadmap focus on four key focus areas: sustaining core features, modernizing application UI, improving developer productivity, and incorporating more Cloud technology.[5]


PowerBuilder has a native data-handling object called a DataWindow, which can be used to create, edit, and display data from a database. This object gives the programmer a number of tools for specifying and controlling user interface appearance and behavior, and also provides simplified access to database content and JSON or XML from Web services. To some extent, the DataWindow frees the programmer from considering the differences between Database Management Systems from different vendors. DataWindow can display data using multiple presentation styles and can connect to various data sources.


PowerBuilder is used primarily for building business CRUD applications.

Although new software products are rarely built with PowerBuilder, many client-server ERP products and line-of-business applications built in the late 1980s to early 2000s with PowerBuilder still provide core database functions for large enterprises in government,[6][7][8] higher education,[9] manufacturing, insurance, banking,[10] energy, and telecommunications.

Job openings for PowerBuilder developers are readily available but often revolve around maintaining existing applications.


The First version of PowerBuilder was released by PowerSoft in July 1991 [11]

In December 2013 SAP announced the new version going directly to number 15 and released a beta version.[12] Key features included support for the .NET Framework v4.5, SQL Server 2012, Oracle 12, Windows 8, OData and Dockable Windows. SAP later released this as version 12.6.

On May 31, 2019 PowerBuilder 2019 was launched by Appeon. This release supports C# development. It provides a new C# IDE, .NET data access objects, C# migration solution, Web API client, and UI themes.[13]

On April 3, 2020 PowerBuilder 2019 R2 was launched by Appeon. This release includes a first-ever PowerScript-to-C# code converter, which can automatically migrate 80-95% of PowerBuilder business logic and DataWindows to C#.[14] Interoperability between PowerScript and .NET programming languages is also now supported. Many existing features have also been enhanced.

On January 22, 2021 PowerBuilder 2019 R3 was launched by Appeon. This release provides a groundbreaking new app deployment technology called PowerClient, which securely automates the installation and update of client apps over HTTPS. C# Web API development has been greatly enhanced with asynchronous programming and support for Amazon Aurora and Azure cloud databases. Aside from many other new features, PowerBuilder 2019 R3 is a long-term support (LTS) version that replaces previous LTS versions[15]


PowerBuilder is an object-oriented programming language. Nearly all of the visual and non-visual objects support inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation. The programmer may utilize a common code framework such as PowerBuilder Foundation Classes, also known as PFC, to inherit objects from and leverage pre-existing code.[16]

The DataWindow is the key component (and selling point) of PowerBuilder. The DataWindow offers a visual SQL painter which supports outer joins, unions and subquery operations. It can convert SQL to visual representation and back, so the developer can use native SQL if desired. DataWindow updates are automatic — it produces the proper SQL at runtime based on the DBMS to which the user is currently connected. This feature makes it easier for developers who are not experienced with SQL.

The DataWindow also has the built-in ability to both retrieve data and update data via stored procedures or REST Web APIs as well as import/export JSON data. The RESTClient object introduced in PowerBuilder 2017 facilitates bridging the DataWindow with REST Web APIs and requiring minimal coding.[17]

RDBMS interfaces[edit]

PowerBuilder offers native interfaces to all major databases, as well as ODBC and OLE-DB, in the Enterprise version. There are many connectivity options that allow performance monitoring and tuning, such as:

  1. Integrated security
  2. Tracing of all SQL
  3. Isolation level
  4. Password expiration dialog
  5. Blocking factor
  6. Number of SQL statements to cache
  7. Use connection pool
  8. Thread safety
  9. Trace ODBC API calls

Due to the information about the database schema (such as primary key information) that are stored in PowerBuilder's data dictionary, the code required to implement data display and browsing is greatly simplified, because the dictionary information allows generation of the appropriate SQL behind the scenes.

PowerBuilder supports the following ways of interacting with a database:

DataWindow: this is the simplest approach, relying on automatically generated SQL.

"Embedded SQL"
Embedded SQL supports SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and cursors. This option is used when the developer desires more control than is available with the DataWindow option. Example:
"Dynamic SQL"
This is a form of parameterized SQL, where the user builds a string that may optionally have bind variables. Dynamic SQL may be used to create cursors as well.

Integration with third-party software[edit]

PowerBuilder supports ActiveX and OCX controls, both visible and non-visible. It also can use OLE Automation as a client. However, PowerBuilder supports only late binding, not early binding. Therefore, when using OLE Automation, a dropdown of possible actions is not provided. PowerBuilder can also act as a DDE client or server, providing a further mechanism to interoperate with other applications.

PowerBuilder can make Windows and third-party API calls, and, in general, works well with third-party libraries in DLL files, however it does not directly support callback functions.

Compilation and debugging[edit]

PowerBuilder offers a "/pbdebug" (or variants: "-pbdebug", "-pbd", "/debug", "-debug", "-deb") runtime switch, which creates a log file. This can help track down a bug "in the field", as the user simply emails this log file to the developer. It has another feature which can log all SQL statements to a file. It also has built-in performance profiling, an integrated debugger, context-sensitive help, and an active newsgroup to provide support.

PowerBuilder applications are typically compiled to p-code, which is then interpreted by the PowerBuilder run time. An application can also be compiled to machine code, which can sometimes offer a performance benefit.


Extensibility of the language was rather limited for older versions of PowerBuilder. The technologies provided to overcome this (ex. PowerBuilder Native Interface, or PBNI) is rather tricky. To develop a solution that includes external C++ code may not only require a competent C++ developer, but also a PowerBuilder expert to guide the developer through the myriad subtleties of the language and the PowerBuilder Virtual Machine.

Inheritance and object-oriented features are limited to some object types (Windows, Userobjects and Menus). In particular, it is not possible to inherit from a DataWindow. A PowerBuilder user cannot open a descendant and a parent at the same time in the painter, though they can see all ancestors' code while working on the descendant.

To address these criticisms, Appeon has set a new roadmap for PowerBuilder, which it publishes openly on the Appeon Website.[18] Amongst developers, the (classic) PowerScript language itself, which is still available for compatibility reasons, is known as a "language built around the DataWindow", and PowerBuilder is known as the "IDE built around the DataWindow". C# development centered around a new .NET DataWindow with automated migration of existing DataWindows was introduced in PowerBuilder 2019.[19]


Since Appeon took over PowerBuilder, it has launched a new official community website for PowerBuilder developers. This community website offers technical articles, webinars, and Q&A, which are authored by community users. Appeon also hosts an annual user conference called Appeon Elevate, and recordings of the conference sessions are available from the conference website. There are a number of local user groups around the world that cooperate with Appeon to deliver abridged versions of the conference in seminar format and local language. [20]

There are also a variety of grass roots community groups and resources for PowerBuilder developers to share and convene. PowerBuilderTV[21] is series of webinars by PowerBuilder users and vendors that tend to focus on third party add-ons. PowerBuilder Central[22] is a community initiative to create a single source for third party add-ons and services.

PowerBuilder Tools[edit]

  • Appeon PowerServer - Deploys existing or new PowerBuilder projects as Cloud-native applications that runs on .NET Core with support for almost every single PowerBuilder feature, including the PFC framework.[23]
  • Visual Expert for PowerBuilder - Visual Expert helps in sharing the knowledge of your applications. It also automates impact analysis and checks code quality.[24]
  • Enable Multilingual - Enable makes PowerBuilder applications multilingual quickly and easily. Using Enable, developers can only need to make a few small changes to the original PowerBuilder code to go from monolingual to multilingual.[25]
  • ProDiff for PowerBuilder - ProDiff is designed to highlight the differences between versions of PowerBuilder development source code.[26]
  • Visual Guard for PowerBuilder - Visual Guard is an access control and application-level permissions tool. It helps you centralize view and control of users and their rights in PowerBuilder applications.[27]
  • STD Framework for PowerBuilder - A Free object oriented development framework for PowerBuilder Classic, Web Services, Appeon PowerServer Web and Mobile.[28]
  • Ultimate Suite for PB - A suite of controls, written in PowerScript, that modernizes the GUI of PowerBuilder applications; Ultimate Suite for PB gives applications a contemporary look and makes them more user-friendly.[29]
  • AscentialTest - Automated testing for PowerBuilder, web, and others. Deep integration with the PowerBuilder VM api's allow AT to see and understand PB objects.
  • PowerGen - Automated build and regeneration of PowerBuilder applications. Supports building directly from Source Control.[30]


29. Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Product Page

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Источник: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PowerBuilder

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If you search a download site for Powerbuilder CleanerReal Spy Monitor V2. All rights reserved.PowerScript, the desktop UI programming language, natively interoperates with. Deploy as Desktop Cloud Apps with PowerServerwhich installs applications to users through a Web browser over the Internet and updates automatically.

PowerBuilder Application Generator 123GO! - Creating an application easily and quickly

Codelessly modernize your application UI simply by selecting a prebuilt theme or supplying your own. The UI Theme controls the rendering of most visual objects including custom user objects.

It even gives you granular control, defining different styles for a specific instance of a visual object. Automatically import. This control is scheduled to be enhanced with JavaScript integration capability in PowerBuilder R3.

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The new RibbonBar control provides application users with a modern and widely-accepted navigation mechanism. You can easily build it with the RibbonBar Builder and manipulate it programmatically in PowerScript. Numerous new features have been added to strengthen the security of your applications.

Powerbuilder 11.5

Thousands of companies worldwide, including many Fortune companies, are actively using PowerBuilder to develop new apps and enhance existing apps. The absolute fastest path to the Cloud with. Provides many built-in features to instantly modernize!

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Documentation Community CodeXchange Knowledgebase. PowerBuilder R3 is in customer beta. Join the program to experience the various new productivity-boosting features! Need help with your products' trial? Schedule a call with an Appeon tech expert to discuss your trial needs and features you want to explore.

Schedule Now. Develop Windows Desktop Apps, Rapidly. Buy Now. Get a Trial. What is PowerBuilder? Cloud-Deployable Deploy as Desktop Cloud Apps with PowerServerwhich installs applications to users through a Web browser over the Internet and updates automatically.

UI Theme Enhanced. WebBrowser Control. Security Enhanced. More PowerBuilder Features. Customers Thousands of companies worldwide, including many Fortune companies, are actively using PowerBuilder to develop new apps and enhance existing apps. Learn More.PowerBuilder Below you can find details on how to remove it from your PC.

The Windows release was created by Sybase, Inc.

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You can read more on Sybase, Inc or check for application updates here. EXE This web page is about PowerBuilder How to delete PowerBuilder Frequently, computer users try to remove it. This can be easier said than done because removing this manually requires some experience regarding Windows internal functioning. Take the following steps on how to do this: 1.

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This is a good step because Advanced Uninstaller PRO is the best uninstaller and general tool to optimize your Windows computer. It's recommended to take your time to admire Advanced Uninstaller PRO's interface and wealth of functions available. Press the General Tools category 4.

Press the Uninstall Programs button 5. All the applications existing on the PC will be shown to you 6. Navigate the list of applications until you find PowerBuilder If it is installed on your PC the PowerBuilder When you click PowerBuilder The star rating tells you the opinion other users have about PowerBuilder Reviews by other users - Press the Read reviews button. Technical information about the app you wish to remove, by clicking on the Properties button.

Press the Uninstall button. A confirmation window will show up.

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After uninstalling PowerBuilder Click Next to proceed with the cleanup. All the items that belong PowerBuilder By removing PowerBuilder Your Windows system will remain clean, speedy and able to run without errors or problems. Users that installed PowerBuilder Companion Tools, Webcasts, and Services.

Architecture, UI, Security, and more…. PB Open Program. PowerBuilder experts helping you when evolving your PB apps. The new code inspection features announced by the Visual Expert Team are available in Beta. Thanks to hundreds of One of the main controls used while modernizing a UI is a Ribbon Menu.

Problem: this Ribbon will replace the existing PowerBuilderTV announced a new series of webcasts. Don't miss out on what's new in the PowerBuilder community, Ultimate Suite includes new UI controls that can be combined to create modern Application Dashboards.

The USPB engineering team would greatly appreciate your feedback to improve future versions of the suite. More Articles. Stay informed of the latest news from the PowerBuilder Community. Are you looking for more training in PowerBuilder tips and tools? Wish you could attend more seminars?

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Visit PBTV. Read More. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. News for PowerBuilder Developers. Latest News. Modernize your PowerBuilder applications.

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PowerBuilder Consulting.This training course is also compatible with several previous versions of PowerBuilder. Or to benefit from the latest features, you can download a free version of PowerBuilder To run the demo apps and faithfully follow the course you will need SQL Anywhere.

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Course Materials Course materials includes the slides that the instructor used and other sources that you need to finish this course.Does anyone know where the prior version downloads are located? I have a valid PB I am able to check-in and re-generate my license key but it appears Sybase took the download files down and finding something on the SAP site is about as intuitive as finding the Higgs Bison Particle without an education in physics.

Thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction. Somehow I have a feeling that my PB 11, It killed me to move on from PowerBuilder to NetSuite and. Frustrating to say the least.

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My manager wants to buy a copy of PB but he doesn't trust SAP because of the challenge finding someone who sells a license and those who had ability to sell PB revoked. Something about Fortune or similar size foreign companies they are about as worthless as Government. If you have an answer for this question, then please use the Your Answer form at the bottom of the page instead. If you have a different answer for this question, then please use the Your Answer form at the bottom of the page instead.

I agree with you. I remind you that older versions including prior than 11 were not available for download after a specific time due to a change with some database driver licensing. I have had that same experience depending on the browser used. Usually the culprit was Internet Explorer. I would pastes the link into Chrome and the buttons would show up.

Attachments: Up to 10 attachments including images can be used with a maximum of 1. Search the SAP Community. This question has been deleted. This question has been undeleted. Former Member. Posted on Apr 28, at AM 1. Add a comment. Comment on This Question Help to improve this question by adding a comment.

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